How to Use AngularJS in Making Your Website SEO-friendly in 2022?

We are in 2022, which is the more competitive year for online businesses. In fact, the competition in the digital space is likely to get tougher. The reason we all know is “the COVID-19 pandemic.” Since 2020, more businesses have switched to online to reach out to their target audience. After all, customers prefer the web to buy products and services.

Given the pent-up demand for online solutions, creating a website for your business is not enough. If you want to keep up with the Joneses in the digital world, you need an SEO-optimized website. The next question is: Which framework is best for an SEO-friendly website in 2022?

There are countless server-side and client-side JavaScript-based frameworks. But the choice depends on your business goals and needs. In this post, we have explained how to use AngularJS in making your website SEO-optimized. If you choose this open-source framework, look for an experienced AngularJS web development company.

  • Tips to make AngularJs website SEO-friendly

    We will get into tips in a while. But first, it is essential to know whether AngularJs is SEO-friendly or not. It is a JavaScript-based client-side framework. It means when the user loads an Angular-built website, they see an empty HTML page with a script for rendering the content. Hence, they can access the page content and links after rendering the JavaScript. It is a limitation for creating SEO-optimized websites.

    Thanks to a new native library by Google, it has made creating SEO-friendly websites using AngularJs easier than ever. Considering the challenges, a reliable AngularJs development company can offer the best solutions to overcome SEO limitations. Meanwhile, you can follow these tips to make your AngularJ web app SEO-optimized in 2022.

    • Use Angular modules to set metadata and titles

      Do you know how search engines rank websites? They access data from websites titles and metadata using search engine crawlers. If you want to make your website SEO-friendly, use Angular modules for setting dynamic page titles andmetadata. Implement Angular modules by going to your home.components.ts file and making the changes.

      Once you do this, verification of titles in the browser tab is crucial. When you user navigates your Angular website, it will modify automatically. However, you can create metadata and titles by default only if JavaScript permits.

    • Leverage dynamic rendering

      One of the primary restrictions of using Angular websites is they depend on API calls to fetch data. The reason is they do not have enough HTML for search engine crawlers. So, what option do you have to overcome this challenge? The ideal solution is using a dynamic rendering tool that allows you to build static HTML files. As a result, web crawlers can do indexing efficiently.

      After this, the webserver will send pre-rendered pages to search engine crawlers. They will redirect online users to your AngularJs website.

    • Execute Angular Universal

      With Angular Universal, you can resolve both issues of AngularJs, like slow loading speed and pre-rendering. But what is Angular Universal in the first place? It is a technology by Angular that allows applications to render on the webserver. So, when a user visits your website, Angular Universal pre-renders it with the server. You can enjoy several SEO benefits with Angular Universal. It includes enhancing the overall performance and accessibility of your web app.

      To further understand its benefits, you should learn how Angular Universal works. It pre-renders the CSS and HTML files shown to your users. You can implement Angular Universal during the development or on the server when users request. In this way, your user will see the CSS and HTML files that allow them to view your website content. It resolves the slow loading issue, and eventually, you can draw more traffic.

In closing

Angular is not SEO-friendly by default. But by using these techniques, you can make your Angular website SEO-optimized. This framework indeed has SEO limitations. If you have the right Angular web development company and knowledge, you can overcome all challenges and rank your website higher on search engines. Besides this, AngularJs can help you build a dynamic and feature-rich web application.

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  1. Why is Angular a preferable option for front-end web development?

Numerous businesses, both start-ups and well-established prefer Angular for good reasons. The primary one is it serves as a complete toolkit for building a dynamic web app.

  1. Which big brands use AngularJs for their websites?

Plenty of big names use AngularJs to meet their front-end web development requirements. Some of them are BMW, Ebox, Forbes, and more.

  1. What types of applications can you build with AngularJs?

Angular is an open-source JavaScript web framework that allows developers to create a range of products, such as web apps, single-page applications, and hybrid apps.

  1. Are Angular and AngularJs the same?

No, Angular and AngularJs are not the same. The former is an open-source Typescript framework, whereas the latter is an open-source JavaScript framework.

  1. Who is the creator of AngularJs?

AngularJs is created and maintained by Google.

  1. What are the common AngularJs SEO challenges?

The typical SEO limitations faced by AngularJs are bots cannot see website content and slow loading speed.