How to Choose the Best Hybrid App Development Framework in 2021?

The number of smartphone users worldwide is 3.8 Billion, which is 48.53% of the world’s population. Fascinating, isn’t it? What fascinates us more is the fact that how quickly and vastly businesses are becoming mobile-friendly, developing feature-rich mobile apps for their customers. 

In order to cater to the ever-changing needs of modern customers, businesses need mobile applications that can smoothly run on different platforms/operating systems (Android and iOS). That’s where hybrid mobile apps appear as the best-sought solution. 

To bring a hybrid mobile app idea to life, you need a great framework. We understand that choosing the right one might be an overwhelming quest. But with the right guidance and know-how, you can make a rewarding decision for your next hybrid app development project. 

Top Hybrid Mobile App Development Frameworks of 2021

With the help of a renowned hybrid mobile app development company, let’s find out the best framework for developing hybrid apps in 2021!

1. React Native 

Developed by Facebook in 2013, React Native is among the oldest hybrid mobile app development frameworks. It is built over JavaScript and is tagged as one of the best frameworks for developing feature-loaded hybrid apps. 


  • React Native has a hugely supportive community of IT specialists and developers. 
  • This open-source framework is based on the most popular programming language – JavaScript.
  • React Native provides a responsive user interface (UI), which leads to a great user experience. 
  • It offers an easy updating and debugging process for the other coders working on the same project.


  • There can be memory management failure in hybrid apps developed with React Native. 
  • Because React Native runs on JS, it has poor performance than the C and C++ architecture.
  • Its third-party components come with a lot of bugs.

2. Flutter

Created by Google, Flutter is an incredible framework, which stands out among the best hybrid mobile app development frameworks for a number of reasons. 


  • Flutter provides lightning-fast speed in terms of app performance. 
  • It uses Google’s very own programming language – Dart, for developing high-performance hybrid apps.
  • By using a single codebase, Flutter saves time and money. 
  • It is an open-source framework with unparalleled developer productivity. 


  • Flutter is not the best option for games and apps that need specified device functions. 
  • Developers must learn new programming languages for using Flutter.
  • It has a limited number of libraries and tools.

3. Xamarin

While searching for the best hybrid mobile app development framework in 2021, it is important to name Xamarin. This particular framework is built on C#, which makes it extremely powerful. 


  • Xamarin is available with some powerful design tools that help you create impressive UIs.
  • It is built over a flexible object-oriented C# programming language. 
  • It provides you a number of libraries, unlike React Native.
  • It is a perfect framework for creating offline applications. 


  • Xamarin developers must learn native languages. 
  • It doesn’t have ample support because of compatibility issues with third-party libraries. 
  • Apps developed with Xamarin have a large app size.

4. Ionic 

Ionic is yet another hybrid app development framework that finds its place in our list. It is the framework of choice for creating progressive, engaging web apps. The framework provides a number of libraries, modules, and plugins to support hybrid mobile app development


  • Ionic has a rich library of UI components. 
  • It offers an intuitive command-line interface (CLI), which has a dedicated server.
  • The framework supports all major programming languages. 
  • Ionic has large community support and extensive libraries.


  • App testing and bug-fixing can be a complex and time-taking process.
  • It doesn’t offer features like hot reload or live reload.
  • Ionic is not suitable for developing heavy apps with complex features. 

The Ending Thought 

It’s pretty evident that hybrid mobile app development is the fastest way to develop quality mobile apps for different operating systems. In 2021, it is likely to gain more traction from start-ups. But for that, you need to have the best hybrid app framework in place.

Our cross-platform mobile app development experts looked closely at the most popular frameworks for hybrid app development in 2021. Which one is your pick? 

Summary: Looking for the best hybrid mobile app development framework in 2021? We are here to help you. Check out our list of the most popular frameworks for developing hybrid apps.