How to Boost Your Online Sales during Christmas Holiday Season

The festivity bells are making adrenaline rush for everyone. The children are dreaming of gifts, adults are preparing for celebrations.

But for the retailers, there’s only one vision that matters during the Christmas season- the Sales Graph.

The festive season can make or break a business but what’s important is ‘how to boost sales during holidays.’

The best answer is to focus on getting more customers to your business. When a business sells quality, attracting new customers is not a tough challenge.

However, if you as a business owner aren’t serious about Christmas sales graph then you should know this-

“With nearly 20 percent of annual retail sales in some way connected to Christmas period, UK brands and retailers which don’t make every attempt to optimize their marketing outreach during and before Christmas are at risk of losing sales to more aggressive players.”

So, what are you thinking? Let’s just set the stage for a profitable year-end 2018.

Start with creating landing pages specifically for Christmas

Create static landing pages that integrate keywords which trend during Christmas. Here you will need to search for the trending keywords that customers use to look for products and services.

You can take help from an online advertising company, specifically digital marketing agency or hire a Facebook advertising expert to promote your products on social media.

Optimize and update old content

Hiring a Google Ad Words Certified company is the best approach to optimize a website. These professionals can easily understand the pages that rank well on Google Analytics and which pages need improvement.

The Google Ad Words Certified Company can optimize the blog pages of your website and drive traffic which further helps in boosting sales.

AMPs are important

You may believe it or not but your website should have Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMPs. These are web pages made specifically for mobile browsing. Instead of mobile-optimized sites, these AMPs are much faster at loading.

According to Google- ’40 percent of searchers will abandon a web page if it takes longer than three seconds to load.’ So, make sure the loading time on your site is faster in the holiday season.

Offer special discounts

It is a very lucrative tactic to be used in the festive season. The customers are already looking for deals and when they see special deals for them, they feel pampered. Also, it compels them to buy products from you.

So, offer special discounts and deals to your best customers on the things they buy the most. Offer amazing deals on things that your customers buy the most. It’s a great way to earn customer loyalty.

Hire a digital marketing agency

Search engine marketing is an effective way to drive traffic and grow business sales.

The digital marketing companies offer search engine optimization packages to choose from. They will help in efficiently planning out the right SEM strategy for your business.

These agencies have knowledge and experience that they use to craft the best marketing plan for the holiday season for your business.

Pop-ups with gift ideas

There have been a number of times when you stump on a gift for that hard-to-buy-for person on your list. So, help customers by sending emails or pop-ups saying- ‘Gift ideas for mom’, ‘Gift that your girlfriend will love’ etc.

Using these will help you attract customers to your web store.

Free shipping

The buyer today expects free shipping and many of your competitors are already doing it. It doesn’t matter whether it is a sweatshirt or decorative item- free delivery is something that will attract customers this festive season. You can adjust the price accordingly.

Studies show that an increase in price is often overlooked when the words ‘free shipping’ catch the customer’s eye.

Integrating these tips will help in boosting sales during the Christmas holiday season.