How SoftProdigy Solutions Helped Luxury VIP Suites Increase the Number of Users? (928.11% Growth in One Year)

Luxury VIP Suites is a leading provider of private suites for all notable events all over North America, including the Super Bowl, World Series, Stanley Cup, NBA, MLB, and NCAA Final Four. For more than 25 years, they are offering premium-quality luxury suites in almost all major stadiums. They have hundreds of satisfied customers across the nation and have created a huge marketplace for suite buyers and sellers alike.

Client’s Requirements 

Being a suite provider, their priority was to attract more visitors to their website, gain more attention, and generate high-quality leads. Also, they were looking for targeting more readers from their blog posts. The geographical area they wanted to target was mainly North America. Luxury VIP Suites laid emphasis on the below-mentioned growth metrics: 

  • Increase in the conversion rate and brand revenue. 
  • More organic, direct, and referral traffic. 
  • Efficient and effective content optimization.
  • Manifest the company as an authority in their industry. 

Our Strategy 

The biggest challenge we encountered was to increase the client’s website users, page views, and decrease bounce rates. After taking over the project, our digital marketers quickly created a comprehensive content marketing strategy, which targeted different keywords for different suites. In addition to that, we also focussed on:  

  • Blog writing (2 blogs weekly)
  • Article submissions 
  • Regular content posting 
  • Backlink research and creation 
  • Keyword optimization 
  • Brand profile creation

Execution of the Strategy 

To carry out an effective website audit and analysis, we began with the competitors and divided the entire SEO strategy into three different parts: 

  1. Content Strategy: As there was poor page-level optimization, we implemented some robust content strategies specific to the user intent. 
  2. Authority Building: The client was planning to develop thought leadership in the industry. We took their goal a step further with our creative link-building activities. 
  3. Keyword Research: Based on the top trends and customer searches, we carry out comprehensive keyword research and helped the client obtain a higher conversion rate. 

Tools Used 

Based on our findings and SEO strategies, we used an array of tools during the entire execution process. These tools mainly include: 

  • Moz – To improve the ranking, discover the right keywords, diagnose technical issues, and receive more customers.
  • Google Analytics – To track and report the advertising ROI and website traffic.
  • Search Console Tool – To measure the website’s search traffic and performance, fix issues, and optimize the content.
  • Ahrefs – To analyze common SEO issues, monitor the SEO health over time, track competitors, and improve backlinks. 
  • ScrapeBox – To fetch data, generate the sitemap, and harvest the proxy. 

Results Achieved 

The successful implementation of our SEO strategies showed some significant outcomes within a year, such as an increase in the blog referral traffic and click-through rate (CTR). Here are the results compared between June 2020 and June 2021: 

Increase the Number of Users through SEO
  • 928.11% growth in the number of users
  • 957.76% increase in the number of new users
  • 1,002.90% increase in the page views  
  • 886.24% increase in the sessions   
  • -27.12% decrease in the bounce rate
Increase the Number of Users in all channels
  • The paid search reached 4,389 from 171
  • The organic search reached 2,880 from 263
  • The direct traffic reached 929 from 325
  • The referral traffic touched three digits for the first time  


With our highly scalable and result-oriented SEO strategies, the client boosted the referral traffic, increase the number of visitors, and build brand authority. On top of everything, they are now redirecting the most engaged visitors to their website, capturing quality leads, and eventually converting them into loyal customers.

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