How osCommerce can Benefit Your E-Commerce Business?

Short to the name ‘Open Source Commerce’, the osCommerce is an e-commerce management system. This software has gained a great popularity in recent times and this statement is backed by the fact that 220,000+ websites have been created using this platform.

So, why do such a great amount of businesses use osCommerce for the creation and management of their e-commerce stores? There are more than a few reasons for this. But the most important one is that this software program is available for free, that too, under the GNU General Public License. Also, this platform is exceptionally brilliant with many pronounced features.

The huge demand of osCommerce is the reason why best companies providing the e-commerce website design & development services have gained expertise in this software.

Being an open source software with a huge community of users, this software program comes with more than 7000 add-ons, making it a highly functional platform for the e-commerce store design.

With all these features, osCommerce provides a great variety of advantages to the users. These are mentioned below:

  1. 1. Feature-Rich Software Program

osCommerce has a great variety of features, making it one of the most suitable e-commerce management programs. A few of these features include:

  • 1. Compatibility with the leading web browsers
  • 2. Compatibility with all the versions of PHP 4 (with enabled portability to new versions) and MySQL
  • 3. Enables restoration and backup of database
  • 4. Allows the creation of shopping carts on temporary as well as permanent basis
  • 5. Comes with an objected-driven backend
  • 6. Supports multiple languages with three default languages – English, German, and Spanish
  • 7. Ensures user-friendly and secure transactions

With all these features, and more, the osCommerce has turned out to be a power-packed system to build and manage your e-commerce store. And to do that with greater ease and enhanced functionality.

It is because of these features that a lot of e-commerce web development companies provide services in osCommerce development.

  1. 2. Free Download

The best thing about osCommerce is that this software, unlike the other e-commerce management software programs, is available for free download. So, there is no need to spend heavily on the other expensive e-commerce management software.

If you’re looking forward to enhancing the management of your e-commerce store with an easy-to-use and feature-rich software, osCommerce can be your one-stop-solution.

One can easily download osCommerce software program for free, from its official website. With easy download and installation options, you can start with this friendly e-commerce store management system, without much ado.

You can use numerous osCommerce tutorials to begin with this software and in case you need expert services, you can seek the e-commerce website design services.

  1. 3. Hassle Free Set Up

When it comes to building a competent e-commerce store, you can rest assured that osCommerce is a plug-n-play software program for your e-commerce solutions. The software can be easily set up with your website, even if you have a very less technical know-how.

It’s a 5-minutes job to set osCommerce up with your e-commerce website. The usage of osCommerce has been made handy with its platform-independent nature. Thus, the platform can be handled by any paid hosting service provider.

When it comes to enhancing the features of this software, you can download a number of templates and modules.

These include modules like search-engine friendly URL modules, AdSense module, easy populate module, etc. that can boost the growth of your e-commerce store along with helping you in digital marketing.

For expert osCommerce services, you can hire the professional osCommerce developer.

  1. 4. Multiple Gateway Options

To expand your e-commerce business, it is essential to reach a maximum amount of customers, within the national boundaries as well as across the nation. And for this, there is a great need to introduce multiple and flexible payment gateways.

osCommerce recognizes this need of an e-commerce business and thus, provides multiple gateways like PayPal, CC Avenue, Sage Pay, Blue Pay, Payza, Pay Nova, and many others.

With such a great range of payment gateways, your customers can make an easy and convenient checkout. For professional help to add more gateways with your osCommerce platform, you can hire an osCommerce developer from esteemed e-commerce web development company.

With these exclusive features, osCommerce has turned out to be one of the best e-commerce management systems of today. This brilliant software helps you handle your e-commerce store and manage all the related activities with a great ease and convenience.

You usually do not require the advanced technical know-how for using osCommerce as it comes in handy with easy-to-use features. But in case you need any professional help, you can count on the best e-commerce website design services.