How Digital Transformation Is Changing the Game of Businesses

Digital transformation is much beyond the bounds of ‘marketing’ for businesses. Digital marketing is, in fact, a small part of the whole Digital Transformation concept.

Now, for starters, let’s first clarify what digital transformation actually is!

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation for a business includes marketing, sales, services, internal operations, products, and what not! In all, when a business is wholly digitized, it’s called digital transformation.

There is no denying the fact that almost every business is being digitally transformed. From creation of the products to delivering the perfect customer care services, everything is being transformed.

Not only has digital transformation brought the old businesses to the digital lines but it has also given life to countless digital business models.

Now, there are so many elements of digital transformation that it is impossible to cover them all in just one blog. However, let’s see how it is hitting every aspect of a business, differently:

1) Digital Transformation and Digital Products & Services

Over the span of a few years, the amount of digital products and businesses dealing in such products and services has increased tremendously. If no name comes to your mind, I can help. How about Uber, online food ordering portals like Food Panda, mobile payment platforms like Google Wallet, Paypal, etc.?

These digital products, services, and business ideas are doing more than fine and the reason behind this is the growing demand of such products and services.

Digital transformation itself is the scenario that is based on this growing need and dependence of people on technology and digital gadgets. As the usage of mobile phones and the internet is increasing, everything – literally everything – is made available online and through mobiles.

Talk about comfort zones! The digital transformation is building a whole world of comfort for the users and a world of profits for the digital business owners!

2) Digital Transformation and Digital Marketing

Marketing, for a business, is the most crucial phase and digital transformation has impacted it the most.

Digital transformation has broadened the spheres in which a business can market its products and services. And now, it’s so much easy to reach people!

All the credit goes to the inclusion of internet, social media, and mobile phones to the world of marketing. Digital transformation is one of the best things happening to businesses when it comes to marketing. With social media ads, email marketing, paid ad campaigns, etc. introduced to digital marketing, things have gotten quite a lot convenient.

Businesses can reach their prospects while they are on-the-go and can make the most out of their marketing campaigns. And with the availability of digital products and services available through digital business places or stores, the digital marketing is getting more and more effective and result-oriented.
Thus, every business is really transforming into being a digital one!

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3) Digital Transformation and Customer Services

A happy customer is everything a business is thriving for! And businesses are doing it all through digital means.

Besides marketing, one of the most important aspects of a business is delivering high-quality customer services. Now, once you earned a customer, it is your duty as a businessman to keep them satisfied and make them stay.

This is the reason why customer services are crucial and with digital transformation, it is also running on the digital patterns. The most used digital customer service media these days are emails, text messages, social media, live chat options, voice calls, and many more!

Through these digital media, the businesses keep in a close touch with their customers and perform services like attending to complains,

Out of many, these were the three major spheres of businesses that have been impacted by the digital transformation. The impact on these spheres isn’t anything that can be ignored. Thus, digital transformation is rightly called as the game changer of the businesses of today!

If you’re planning on starting up your own business or bringing your old business on the digital paths, you must take digital transformation seriously and fall into its footprints. Only then, things will be promising and will work out for you!

Till then, you can observe the market, analyze, learn, and plan what it is like in the world of digital transformation.

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