How Customer Experience is Key in Protecting Online Sales?

For every business, small or large, customer satisfaction is the key to success. You are in business just because you have consumers. An established business always looks for what customers want in their product and how should they fulfill it.

Whether it is website design, functionality to mark first impressions or product service to win a customer’s loyalty, providing a satisfying and enriching customer experience is important.

But, what is customer experience?

It is the practice of designing and reacting to customer interactions with the sole objective of meeting their expectations. By following a strategic approach, customer experience will help increase brand loyalty, customer satisfaction and advocacy. It is not about what you do as a company but its how a customer perceives your brand. Whenever a customer visits your site, or sees an ad marketing your products or contacts your service team, it will affect their perception. And, when a business is just able to deliver the best of services, be it product quality, support, etc. it is called a great customer experience. A number of strategic internet marketing services firms believe customer satisfaction is next big thing.

A study by White House Office of Consumer Affairs found “80% of U.S. consumers would pay more for a product or service to ensure a superior customer experience.” Jerry Gregoire, former Chief Information Officer of Dell Computers also says “the customer experience is the next competitive battleground.”

Digital marketing experts believe UX designs are an important aspect of providing an enriching customer experience and they recommend you to hire professional web designer to create a visually appealing web page that offers brilliant functioning to attract customers and increase sales.

Here are a few reasons why customer experience is considered the key to online sales-

Customer satisfaction– According to a report published by McKinsey in 2014- “the companies that focused on maximizing satisfaction with regard to customer journey has have the potential to increase customer satisfaction by 20 percent.” On closely observing this study, we come to a point that businesses need to think on broader terms and of a big picture when it comes to customer satisfaction. The main objective is to create a consistent customer experience that allows a business to meet or exceed the standards it sets for the products delivered, be it product, customer service, or technical support etc.

Promote customer loyalty and repeat customers– According to Brett Shockley, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Avaya, customer experience is a great way to increase loyalty and retention. He says that “CEM [Customer Experience Management] strives to improve the value a customer represents to the organization over the lifetime of their relationship by optimizing each interaction and creating an engaged customer relationship. This drives repeat purchases and increased loyalty.”

Yes, you get it right- investing in customer loyalty will contribute to your growth. Best seo company believe customer loyalty is built through great customer experience that meet or exceed expectations.

Improve business sales and revenue– According to a 2012 study by Echo Research- “70% of customers are willing to spend more money with a company that provides good customer service.” Another study conducted by Avaya and BT Research, it was found that more than 80 percent consumers were willing to spend with the companies that offer a great customer experience. These figures are a clear indication of how investing in customer experience provides an improved ROI and business profits. So, we can conclude that consumers value good service and are willing to pay for it.

Build strong and long-term customer relationships– A recent research conducted by The Radicati Group, a global computer and telecommunications research company reveals “workplaces will receive an average of 140 emails each day by 2018.” Yes, it is a huge number. But, these are not just emails- it is your permit to a strong and long-term relationship with your consumers. You just need to focus- creating beautifully designed personalized communication emails tailored to each individual customer is your key to success.

Hiring responsive website designers will help you design emails that will help you create a friendly and strong relationship with your clients. Also, you can send offers and discounts that will help create a bond of trust which is essential to strive in this competitive environment.

The Conclusion

For a business to establish in the coming future and earn a name in this competitive environment, it should deliver a great customer experience because the future is about building systems and technology that delivers the right experience to right persons at the correct time.