How COVID-19 Pandemic is impacting e-commerce and Digital Marketing?

The impact of COVID-19 has been felt by every industry in this world. Since many countries as well as states have forced physical businesses to temporarily close, many online retailers are seeing a decline in their conversion rate. From finance to e-commerce, each and every sector is witnessing hardships. 

However, in these unprecedented times, we need to feed ourselves as much information as we can to make the right decisions for our lives and our businesses. By the means of this article, we are going to inform you about the impact of Novel Coronavirus on e-commerce and digital marketing. Let’s dive in to figure out COVID’s impact on digital marketing and e-commerce sectors.

On E-commerce Sector

When it all began from China in January, the e-commerce sector was not expected to surge in such a way that it has surged today. From lockdowns to traveling bans, everything impacted e-commerce businesses. Consumers are missing their pre-pandemic services related to entertainment, travel, shopping, etc.

Whereas, social media and in-home entertainment are at all-time-high as consumers seek to distract themselves while stuck at home. Also, the logistical infrastructure is only breathing e-commerce.

According to many experts, online window shopping will appear back as a way for consumers to distract themselves. This is probably where businesses need to focus during this whole situation. Additionally, China is already looking forward to reverting back to normalcy. Other countries are expected to follow the same.   

On Digital Marketing

There is a great COVID’s impact on digital marketing industries. As many businesses are getting closed, the global economy is fluctuating during these tough times. In this scenario, digital marketing agencies and technology providers are trying to run all their services through online operations.

At present, digital media services are at their peak as people are using more smartphones and electronic gadgets than ever before. This is where digital marketing can work for all businesses. There is also a shift in marketing trends as digital marketing is acting protecting the businesses digitally against the Coronavirus.

If your business model involves food services, you can offer curbside pickup, takeout, and delivery orders. Although your brick-and-mortar business has to remain completely closed, you can consider creating ads with a Google AdWords Certified Company so that your customers know their request will be received in a timely manner.


Above everything, the evolving impact of COVID-19 on digital marketing, e-commerce, and many other industries makes it essential for us to stay up to date. We at SoftProdigy, a competent digital marketing agency, are keeping a keen eye on this current situation so that we can stay ahead of the curve with our clients around the world. Remember, we are together in this pandemic situation and together we will overcome it.

Stay informed, stay home! 

Summary: While the whole world is seeing an immense impact of COVID-19 pandemic, here is how it is impacting e-commerce and digital marketing industries. To overcome this hardship impact, we need to stay informed.