Hottest Facebook Ad Trends to Watch Out in 2021

Brand promotion through social media marketing is growing by leaps and bounds. Among all the platforms, Facebook is one of the most effective for running online ad campaigns. Currently, this platform has nearly 67% of social advertisers.

It means like Google Ads businesses must invest in Facebook ads to ensure an effective marketing strategy.

Some people manage to receive desirable results with Facebook Ad campaigns. But others are still struggling, even after investing a lot of money. The difference between these two is the former follows the best practices to create a Facebook Ad campaign while staying up-to-date.

When you hire a Facebook ads expert, they should have relevant experience and stay abreast with trends. Below, we have listed the hottest Facebook Ad trends so that you know what to expect from your Facebook advertising experts.

However, before getting involved in this, let us see why Facebook is one of the lucrative online marketing channels.

  • Facebook offers the best opportunities for enterprises to target their audiences. After all, it has a user base of nearly 1.49 billion across the globe, and the number is still increasing.
  • Facebook Ads are comparatively cheap. Unlike other advertising channels, you may expect to spend significantly less money on Facebook advertising. The average cost per click is $1.72, which is way inexpensive than other online marketing channels.
  • It comes with unmatched targeting capabilities. You can even micro-target your audience with Facebook Ads.
  • Facebook is a widely used social media platform throughout the world. Users spend nearly 40 minutes on this platform per day.
  • Around 7 million advertisers are already using Facebook as an essential part of their digital marketing strategy.
  • What are the top trends in Facebook ads?
  • The rise of AI, automation, and VR – Facebook is leveraging the latest technologies, like Artificial Intelligence and VR & AR, to boost the advertising experience. While some of them of being in use, others are still in the testing phase. Here are some of the automation tools you can use for your Facebook Ad campaign, such as:
  • Campaign budget optimization Multiple text optimizationDynamic formats and Ad creative Automatic placements Automatic language translation

Besides this, Facebook is working to grow Augmented Reality Ads for digital marketers, thanks to its beta version.

  • The rising cost of Facebook Ads – As we mentioned, one of the benefits of investing in Facebook ads is the low cost. But most marketers are worried about the rise in expenses of Facebook advertising each year.

You must be wondering why is the cost rising annually? Well, the answer is a surge in demand for Facebook Ads. Since 2016, the number of advertisers has increased from 4 million to 7 million.

If this worries you too, always weigh your expenses of gaining new customers versus their lifetime value. With this, the money you spend on Facebook ads will seem worth it.

  • The era of mobile-first – Do you know around 93% of revenue generated by Facebook comes from mobile marketing? So, if you want to run a successful Ad campaign, the best way to go is mobile-first than desktop and other devices.

Most people have this confusion about mobile and desktop Facebook ads that they are the same. But mobile ads are different from desktop ads. For example, desktop ads have a headline and description, whereas mobile ads feature a URL and headline.

Facebook marketing consultants

It means your Facebook Ads expert must pay attention when writing Ad copy for both. When it comes to desktop Ads, they should avoid repetition in the text and description. In mobile ads, they must include all the necessary details in the primary text.

  • The growing dependency on Facebook Stories Ads – Another eye-catchy trend in Facebook ads is using stories to promote products and services. We can see most advertisers shifting from Facebook newsfeed to Stories to run their Facebook Ads campaign.

Initially, people were not impressed by Facebook’s Stories feature because Instagram and Snapchat were already offering it. However, once people started to use this, it became an effective tool for marketers. Today, nearly 500 million users use Facebook Stories daily.

Like Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories are also available for 24 hours. They can be anything, from photos to videos and posts. Many brands are using this feature to reach out to their target audiences.

In closing

Facebook is one of the best ways to gain desirable traffic and leads. But only when they create an Ad campaign that meets business needs, goals, and market trends. Therefore, it is advisable to hire Facebook marketing consultants with years of experience running Facebook Ad campaigns.

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