Here’s how Blockchain Can Change the Future

The blocks of the Blockchain technology are revolutionary and ready to redefine the future. Half of 2018 has passed and all we hear about is… Blockchain! Expert Blockchain developers are experimenting with the seamless capabilities of this technology.

Blockchain is the technology that has changed many lives – from that guy you know who suddenly became rich, from John Oliver, to all those people on the Forbes Crypto-Billionaires list. Blockchain is already redefining the economy of the future by supporting the system of cryptocurrency.

It is the backbone, as you may know, that powers every cryptocurrency and related transactions. Now, the best Blockchain software development company has started to use its power to expand the applications for future possibilities. SAP recently announced the launch of Cloud Blockchain Platform, now that’s about the fusion of two innovative technologies.

If you believe in the technological revolution, Blockchain is expected to do the same as the internet did 30 years ago. This technology truly has the power to change the world or at least spark the mind of expert Blockchain developers to bring the change.

But before you start praying before the lord of Blockchain (yes, this technology has got its own church), you should know great things about it. In fact, the Blockchain technology can make the whole business industry go whole-hog on it.

What is Blockchain?

Let me explain with a simple example. Consider a Google spreadsheet created for a special purpose that is shared by every computer in the world. Now, every time a transaction is made, it gets recorded onto this spreadsheet.

Anyone with a computer or smart device can connect through the internet and access this spreadsheet. Anyone can view and add a transaction to it. But the spreadsheet doesn’t allow any modification to the information that is already there.

That is basically the concept used by the expert Blockchain developers.

5 Reasons 21st Century Startups Must Embrace Blockchain For Business Growth

Just like a spreadsheet has “rows”, a Blockchain is composed of several “blocks”. A block is simply a collection of data and each block is added to the Blockchain by connecting one block after another in a chronological way. The blocks are connected together just like a row of a spreadsheet follows another row.

These connected blocks form a series or chain so, the name – Blockchain. In the technical jargon, a Blockchain is an online database (global) that can be accessed by anyone, anywhere with an internet access. “Decentralized” means that the Blockchain ledger is shared among worldwide computers, not limited to one central location.

Even the best Blockchain software development company accept that the secret behind the popularity of cryptocurrency is Blockchain. It is the mother of the over $100 billion cryptocurrency market.

This innovative technology is way bigger than you think! Some notable shifts within the Blockchain ecosystem:

1) The EEA (Ethereum Enterprise Alliance) was recently established by Ethereum.
2) IBM is working on HyperLedger.
3) More than 50% of the world’s leading financial firms are experimenting with this technology.

Now, let’s take a look at some benefits of Blockchain that make potential reasons to hire Blockchain developer India:

1) Decentralization
2) Transparency and trust
3) Immutability
4) High availability
5) Highly secure
6) Simplifies the current paradigms
7) Faster processing of verification, reconciliation, and clearance
8) Cost saving model

This isn’t the end of the road for the best Blockchain software development company, not by a long shot. Developers are still in the very early stages of trying to figure out the best implementation of Blockchain. They have already discovered many creative ways of helping businesses to address some of these issues.

From tying medical records on the Blockchain to biometric markers to solving the problem of user identity verification – Blockchain experts are creating more sustainable forms of cryptocurrency mining.

Step in the revolutionary development and integrate your services using the Blockchain technology. You can hire expert Blockchain developers and start devoting your services to the Lords of Blockchain for business growth.

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