Health Assist – Catching Up with the Evolution of Healthcare

Here’s a situation. You’re home bound due to a blizzard in your town. The roads are blocked and there is no transport facility available for you. In the middle of all of this, your 6-months-old baby is suffering from a terrible cough which is getting even worse with the passing time and you find no way out to get it treated.

Sounds like a nightmare? Well, indeed!

However, you don’t have to worry much in a situation like this. Because you’re lucky enough to be living in an era of technological advancements! You cannot go to the doctor, but the doctor can come to you, virtually! And in most cases, the doctor can even prescribe you the medicine after listening to what’s up with you! It’s that smooth!

Yes, we’re talking about the health care web and mobile applications available these days that let you seek the right doctor just through your PC or smartphone. These amazing healthcare apps are a great boon to the doctors as well as the patients as they make life quite easy!

An excellent example of such a healthcare setup is the Health Assist, by SoftProdigy!

Health Assist is an interactive healthcare platform that helps the doctors and patients come together even if they are miles away. The veteran tech-heads at SoftProdigy made it a breeze for the doctors to control all their tasks through an efficient technical advancement. Be it managing the patient records or performing a remote diagnosis, Health Assist has got it all for you!

And there is a lot more that can be done with this brilliant app. Have a look at its key features and modules:

  1. 1. Doctor & Patient Dashboards

The health Assist healthcare platform has different interactive dashboards for doctors and patients.

With Health Assist, we believe in making both the ends meet easily, when it comes to healthcare and thus, the platform has been set up keeping in mind both the sides – doctors and patients.

Through their respective dashboards, both kinds of users can operate the platform as per the requirement and ensure an easy and effective interaction. From their side, the patients can mention the health condition they have and the kind of doctor they’re seeking. There are a number of options to interact with the doctor that include audio, video, or written communication.

Likewise, there are many other features that allow the patients and doctors to communicate. The doctor can perform a remote diagnosis and can even generate prescriptions through these interactive features available at their Health Assist dashboards.

  1. 2. Appointment Scheduling and Booking

As a professional, you wouldn’t want things to get messed up! Especially when you’re a doctor.

The technical experts at SoftProdigy are well aware of the fact that a doctor’s time is very precious. For treating every patient in time and keeping room for the emergencies, there is a need of an uncompromising management of everything.

Don’t panic! We’ve got your back!

The brilliant Health Assist platform helps doctors manage their patients by managing the booking and scheduling of the appointments.

Through this app, the doctors can schedule the visits of their patients for the time suitable to both the parties. The patients can also easily book an appointment with the doctor as per the pre-described schedule available through the platform.

So, for both the doctors and their patients, scheduling and booking the visit to the doctor, comes in handy! The appointments can be scheduled for the audio and video meetings, through the mobile or web app.

  1. 3. Patient’s Medical History

With so many patients, so many health cases, and so many health conditions, it is humanly impossible for the doctor to keep a track of the medical history of all the patients.

However, messing up with such an information is never an option!

Treating the patients as per their medical history is a crucial part of a doctor’s practice and thus, there must be a complete, error-free record of this sensitive information.

Don’t worry! You wouldn’t have to maintain the bulky paperwork for that, now!

With the Heath Assist healthcare platform by SoftProdigy, you can keep an online track of the medical history of your patients. You can easily access the required information of the patient through this record. This information is recorded securely and you can control as to who can access the information, when required.

Thus, there is no scope of messing up or missing out on the medical history of your patients!

  1. 4. Text Chat and Offline Messaging Support

With the smartphones in our hands, almost all the time, it is not that difficult to reach anyone, anywhere. However, is it the same for doctors?

With Health Assist, it surely is!

Our smart healthcare application allows the patients to send text messages to their doctors even in the offline mode, so that a quick meeting with the doctor can be fixed, or the doctor can give a quick prescription through the text message itself.

The platform also allows to hold discussions between the doctors and patients so that anyone looking for any answers related to their problems can browse through the related discussions.

Thus, with text messages and discussion threads, things are getting better in the healthcare world.
Best Android and iOS Mobile App Health Assist

  1. 5. Live Video/Audio Communication For Detailed Diagnosis

Remote diagnosis is the new drift in the healthcare world and with Health Assist, you can make the most of it!

Not just the text messaging, our special healthcare platform allows the patients to connect with their doctors through live video or audio chat options, too. These help the doctors perform a thorough diagnosis of their patients, even when they’re miles and miles away!

The remote diagnosis through video and audio communication helps the doctors learn better about the condition of the patient, have a better visual examination, and provide a fast prescription.

This allows a faster treatment of diseases and ailments, even if there is an emergency.

  1. 6. Support for Multiple Pricing Tiers

The Health Assist web and mobile application allows the doctors to set multiple pricing tiers to divide their services accordingly.

The pricing tiers are for the patients to choose what kind of healthcare facilities or services they are seeking. You can offer your patients to become a member through the platform. So that they can avail the kind of medical solutions they want, as per the pricing tiers.

You can distribute the pricing tiers according to the health conditions, for instance, start with simple fees for the diseases like cold, cough, and flu.

This way, you can provide your professional healthcare services through online media by charging your prescribed fees.

  1. 7. Available for Web and Mobile devices

The Health Assist healthcare platform by SoftProdigy is available both for the web and mobile devices.

So, you can easily connect with your patients regardless of what device they’re using. They can get to you through a PC, laptop, mobile phone, or tablet!

The mobile version of Health Assist is available for both Android and iOS. So, there is no force stopping you from delivering your immaculate healthcare services and treating your patients with ease!

  1. 8. Prescription Generation and Interface for Pharmacies

It is quite convenient for the doctors to generate a prescription through Health Assist. The prescriptions are generated electronically in a legitimate format by the doctor that can be easily directed to the pharmacies.

Through the app, you can link the recommended pharmacies from where your patients can get the required medicines.

  1. 9. Enterprise Version Available For Hospitals And Clinics

Apart from the doctors working individually, Health Assist is available for the healthcare enterprises like hospitals and clinics.

The enterprise version of the platform is quite vast, with a number of other features that fit well with the requirements of bigger enterprises. With the enterprise version, a number of doctors and specialists can come together and provide the specialized healthcare services.

So, if you’re a doctor looking for an advanced solution for better communication and the management of your patients, Health Assist can be your best pick! This feature-rich platform can be your one-stop solution to manage your healthcare services all in one place.

Be it an individual medical expert, clinics or hospitals, Health Assist caters to the healthcare service needs of all, helping them treat their patients with attention and care!