5 Hacks to Shoot Up Traffic and Sales of eCommerce Store This Father’s Day

Father’s Day 2024 is to be celebrated on 16th June. It is a day when children gift something to their fathers and express their feelings of love and respect for everything they do make their life comfortable. Similarly, online business owners see Father’s day as an opportunity they need for adding to their pool of customers and ROI (Return on Investment). They do everything to lure customers into deals for this purpose. They even hire custom e-commerce solution providers to help them achieve their business goals or marketers to drive traffic and shoot up sales of eCommerce store.

In simple words, Father’s day is a business opportunity for online store owners. But it benefits their business only through an effective business marketing or lead generation strategy. But constant changes in technology make business marketing strategy/lead generation strategy subject to change. Therefore, it is important that you adjust your online business marketing/lead generation strategy accordingly and hire experienced Facebook Advertising Experts.

Coming to the point, what type of online business marketing hacks you should use for boosting traffic and sales on your online store this Father’s day? This is a million dollar question!

This question must be giving your butterflies in your stomach. Don’t worry! We already have the answer to this question for you.

5 Hacks to drive sales of eCommerce store

Here are the five lead generation hacks you should use this Father’s day to boost traffic and sales on your e-commerce store.


Chatbots represent the change you need to embrace for shooting up sales on your e-commerce store. It is because 21st century online shoppers prefer e-commerce stores providing chatbots. They want answers to their queries related to products on your site instantly.

In such a scenario, chatbots reply to queries almost instantly and help you stay on the top of your market competition on Father’s day 2018. A lot of popular e-commerce stores like Amazon, eBay, FlipKart, and ShopClues are already using chatbots.

Millions of people use chatbots on these online stores. You can think about the number of leads are achieving through chatbots every day. This is a solid reason for you to hire custom e-commerce solution providers and get one interactive chatbot developed and integrated with your e-commerce store.

Facebook Marketplace

You should think about getting your products listed on Facebook Marketplace. That’s right! It is because Facebook Marketplace is a place where you can easily find your target market. More than 5 million Facebook users shop their favorite products using FB marketplace for two huge reasons:

1) Products that appear on Facebook Marketplace are affordable for them.
2) More importantly, they don’t want to close their important chats just for shopping something.

Moreover, Facebook has now started accepting paid ads for marketplace also. In simple words, you can hire Facebook advertising experts to help shoot your sales up this Father’s day.

Facebook Messenger Ads

If you use this option and wisely, it will definitely multiply traffic and sales of e-commerce store. Do you want to know how? See the answer below:

  • Users don’t want to close their important chats just for shopping something.
  • Moreover, Facebook addicts have the option of paying right through messenger for their online shopping.

Therefore, getting your business ad posted in Facebook messenger could be a good option. So just get your finances in place and hire Facebook advertising experts for this task.

360 Degree Videos

Social media platforms are nowadays accepting 360-degree videos. Such videos have the capacity to enhance your business. It is because your target market gets to see your products from every angle.

They can check your product thoroughly through 360-degree videos. More importantly, they can instantly make a decision whether they want to buy your product or not. All in all, their time is saved and time is the most important resource.

More importantly, 360-videos allow your users to interact with your products effectively. They feel as you care for them.

This is the magic of 360-degree videos.

So you should hire custom e-commerce solution providers and cast the spell of 360-degree videos on your target market this Father’s day.

Live Videos

This is another online marketing concept introduced for business growth on social media. So you should think about incorporating it into your social media marketing strategy for boosting traffic and sales up.

Live Videos are actually a good way to increase traffic and sales of your online store. It is because your brand goes live with all of your current and targeted customers. They get a chance to talk to you or your executives directly through live videos.

Don’t forget to reply to comments from your customers. It is because replying to their comments in every possible way is important for business growth. In case you can’t do it on your own, hire custom e-commerce solution providers.

All in All

These are the latest online marketing and lead generation tactics. You must utilize these hacks before Father’s day 2018. The traffic and sales of ecommerce store will surely shoot up like your blood pressure.

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