Google’s New Feature Allows You to Receive and Pay Bills through Gmail

Google has been bringing new concepts and products for its audience for ages now and its friendly technology never fails to happily surprise its followers. It is reportedly said to be working on a brand new feature which will let people pay bills from their Gmail account or Inbox. This in turn will help them avoid the long procedure of navigating to a separate website or paying paper bills. The service is code-named ‘Pony Express’ and is scheduled to roll out in 2015.

Once the service goes live, the users will need to provide their vitals – which include their names, addresses, and social security numbers – to a third party company that will vet users’ identities. On confirmation of the information, the bills shall be available from within both Gmail as well as Inbox. Google is said to have partnered up with third party vendors that print and mail out the bills on behalf of service providers like insurance and telecom companies, as well as numerous different utility industries.

The service will also allow users to share the bills automatically with other Gmail users. This feature was included keeping in mind people who usually split bills like roommates, friends, etc. The feature would allow a user to click a picture of the bill and save it for future purpose by adding it in the designated Pony Express archive folder. Google is yet to officially confirm the launch and features and the internet community is already abuzz with anticipation to try out this unique time saving and user-friendly feature.

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