Google+ New Feature Inspired by Pinterest?

Google has announced the addition of a feature which is similar to the pinning functionality in case of Pinterest. This new feature will let Google+ users group similar posts into topic-based sections.

This Pinterest-like feature will help users organize their posts according to a particular topic. As an additional feature, people will be able to share their posts publicly, privately or with selected people in their circles.

Users can show and follow collections which they like on their main home feed. The process is made a lot more organized with the help of this new feature and it is bound to go a long in making the user experience on this platform better. For now, this feature will be available on the web and Google+ android app only and not on the iOS app version.

Google has been testing this new feature with a group of small users and making use of the content and collections already available. The users who are looking for an inspiration or new tops to follow can easily do so as Google has curated a list of featured collections. With the introduction of this new feature, photos and streams are the next two areas Google+ is looking forward to shift. It may break out photo sharing and messaging features.

Earlier brands and businesses had to create different Google+ pages for every topic but now businesses can create topic-based feeds. This has given the users the liberty to follow specific categories of stuff that they like and relate with.