Gmail Officially Adds “Undo Send” Option

An emailed meant for your boyfriend went to your boss or a message meant for your wife went to your mother-in-law or vice versa then what will you do and how will the receiver react? An awkward moment occurs at that bit. An email is sent in a fraction of seconds. Once you are finished with the mail and have sent it, you suddenly realize that you did a typing mistake or misspelled the wrong recipient’s name. Now what?

If you are a Gmail user, you will be pleased to know that Google will assist you to snatch a premature message back. After years of experimenting Google has finally introduced an ‘Undo Send’ and the feature does exactly what the name indicates. This new tool will allow users to choose a delay time from 5-30 seconds in case of any changes. But you have to enable the tool in order to use it. You can find the feature on the setting configuration in Gmail and scroll midway through the general tab. Though this feature was available in labs since 2009 but was hidden from the users.

Number of third parties apps also offer this feature but for those using vanilla Gmail web client, this feature is now officially supported. If you aren’t using the beta version then it will remain turn off by default and to turn it on simply click on General Tab in Gmail setting and select Enable Undo Send. You may also set how long Gmail should hold a message before sending it. Luckily, if you have been using the Labs version of the feature, it will turn on automatically. By default it is also available on Inbox’s Web, Android and iOS apps.

As this feature began rolling since yesterday, henceforth it should be available to most of the people already though it may take up few weeks to show up for some.