Frontend Web Development: Choosing Between Angular and React

Most people believe that the choice of programming language, framework, or technology depends on preferences. It is correct, but partially.

Building a successful web development project requires considering various factors, like your goals, needs, and budget. It means if a particular framework fits your criteria, you should go ahead with it. If not, the result will be futile. 

If you want to create a dynamic web application for your business, choosing a framework is a crucial step. Yes, we know there are a plethora of web development frameworks. It is not feasible to go through each option. But you want the best pick for your web app. Isn’t it? 

To help you make the right decision, we have listed the top two frameworks for web development, Angular and React. In this post, we will lay down a detailed comparison between both. It will help you understand whether to hire ReactJS developers orAngular professionals. Let us dig into Angular vs. React. 

  • A brief introduction of Angular 

Angular is a JavaScript-based framework that helps developers to build robust web applications. Released in 2010 by Google, Angular uses the TypeScript language and HTML templates. The framework updates regularly. Hence, it offers numerous benefits for everyone, from developers to entrepreneurs and users. For this reason, AngularJS development services are popular like never before. 

  • What is React?

Created and maintained by Facebook, React is an open-source JavaScript library. Yes, you heard it right. It is a library, also called a framework, that aids developers build user interfaces. Like Angular, React also undergoes continuous advancements to make it better for everyone. 

Which is the best pick between Angular and React for web apps?
  • Angular vs. React: The best framework for front-end web development
    • Performance and load time – As compared to Angular, the UI of React-developed web applications load faster. It is because React uses virtual DOM, whereas Angular uses real DOM. Are you wondering how it affects the performance? If yes, we are here to help you.

      DOM, also known as Document Object Model, is a user interface of applications. It means whenever changes take place in the UI. The DOM gets updated to show that. The process by which these changes reflect in a web app is re-rendering. In real DOM, it takes time, which makes the app slower. On the contrary, re-rendering happens at a fast pace. 
    • The size and time of the project – When we talk about Angular, it is suitable for long-term and large-scale web app projects. It works as a monolith structure, which has libraries and functions to ensure successful front-end web development. Thanks to its clear structure and in-built libraries, Angular developers can build large-scale web apps with ease. 

      React is best for heavy web applications with an interactive UI as a priority. However, if you want to create a large-scale web application with React, you should hire reliable ReactJS development services. It is because it may become tricky, so the React developers should follow a standardized style guide.  
    • Development speed – Development speed is another vital factor both developers and businesses consider when picking a framework. So, based on your time to launch your web application in the market, you can choose the most suitable option. 

      If we compare both frameworks, Angular developers need more time to write code than React. As we mentioned already, Angular uses the TypeScript language, which results in a slower development time. Contrary to this, developing web applications with React is pretty fast. It is because React follows JavaScript that does not need code compilation and annotation. 
    • Scalability –Angular and React are backed and powered by Google and Facebook. But if we compare both in terms of scalability, Angular outshines React. It does not make React a less robust framework. 

      For example, React is a minimalistic library that depends on third-party components. As a result, it requires more strategizing and time investment in managing third-party React components. But Angular is a complete framework, which means it has in-built features like the RouterModule and HttpClientModule. These features are necessary for expanding a web application. 

The bottom line 

Based on the above discussion, we can say that Angular and React are the winners as the front-end framework. It is not possible to choose one because both are good. However, as per your needs, business goals, and preferences, go for the best option. If your priority is the interactive user interface, hire a ReactJS developer. If you are considering a large-scale project, AngularJS development services are what you need.

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