Flutter 2.2: How is it better than the Previous Version?

Since Google launched the latest version of Flutter, everyone is talking about it. The purpose of releasing Flutter 2.2 was to focus on optimization and performance improvements. In addition, the reason for upgrading its toolkit is to enable Flutter app developers to post native apps across multiple operating systems and web browsers seamlessly. 

Flutter is an open-source software development kit. It helps developers create cross-platform mobile applications using a single codebase. Now, Flutter 2.2 is available with more features and improvements, making mobile app development convenient. If you are looking for the best Flutter app development company, you need to know what makes Flutter 2.2 better than other versions. 

Let us dive straight into the most prominent changes in Flutter 2.2 and its benefits. 

  • The new release of Dart 2.13 

When it comes to Flutter 2.2, the most noticeable improvement is the Dart 2.13 release. It has a new aliases feature that allows developers to create aliases for both types and functions. With type aliases, Flutter developers can give names, from short to long and complicated ones. Besides this, it renames classes in a non-breaking way. 

  • Dart and Docker support on Google 

Another exciting improvement is an official Dart and Docker support on Google Cloud. It means mobile app owners can enjoy validated and tested Dart images on Docker that support AOT compilation. It brings the incredible advantage of using one programming language to create the frontend and the backend. 

It means both the backend and frontend developers will have the same knowledge about the project. The developers would be reusing components at some places. So, for your Flutter mobile app maintenance, you do not have to hire separate developers for the client-side and server-side. It is because only one Flutter developer can switch with ease to make any changes. 

  • Improved performance 

As compared to Flutter 2, Flutter 2.2 comes with features and changes that offer better performance. Initially, in some cases, Flutter developers used to face problems with compiling shaders. But they can avoid increasing rendering performance. In users’ cases, it can be a severe issue. They may even have to remove the application. 

To fix this issue, Google introduced new improvements in Flutter 2.2. It allows web applications to perform background caching using service workers, iOS and Android developers. As a result, they can avail particular features to enhance the performance. 

Flutter 2.2 comes with a specific set of features, delivering improved memory allocation during runtime. We can say that almost all performance improvements focus on improving users’ experience, such as a faster loading time for mobile applications. Apart from this, it provides support for third-party extensions. 

What to look for in Flutter 2.2?
  • Better integration with Google ecosystem 

As we all know, Google is the backbone and support system of Flutter. While the previous versions had problems when integrating with Google, Flutter 2.2 made this bond tighter. The latest release has a new in-app payment and easy access to the Google Pay team. It allows users to handle payment processes smoothly by using their mobile apps. On the other hand, iOS users can avail similar experience with Apple Pay.

  • Enhanced web platform 

With the latest Flutter release, you can leverage an enhanced web platform. Are you wondering how? If yes, then we are here to answer all your questions. It has become possible due to the optimization of caching behavior with the loading mechanism of a novel service worker. From using canvas APIs for text rendering to supporting font features for HTML, shader masks support, and using opacity masks, all these have improvised web renderers. 

Additionally, Flutter 2.2 offers better accessibility because the gap between mobile and desktop web apps is reduced. All thanks to the semantic node position.

  • Appreciating community 

One thing that distances Google from Apple is its ability to notice and appreciate its community. Now, the question is, how does Google do it? Well, by organizing social media initiatives during the events. 

Google enables developers to maintain core widgets. If there are any popular packages, they appreciate them by including them in Flutter Favorites. Apart from this, they mention some packages in their tutorials. It makes users feel that Flutter belongs to them and developers. For this reason, in Flutter 2.2, we can see community reorganization by Google. 

The improvements in Flutter 2.2 are not limited to these. You can enjoy many more benefits, like better text handling, smoother page transition, automated scrolling conduct, and so on. If you think Flutter 2.2 suits your project needs, hire a dedicated Flutter developer today.  

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