First Ever World Blockchain Cryptocurrency Summit to Be Held in May 2018

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency have quickly revolutionized the world of financial technology. Many people are searching about these concepts on internet every day. Many articles have been written about these two concepts. But hardly any article helps searchers understand Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. Actually, Blockchain is a digital ledger used to keep record related to virtual currencies. Talking about Cryptocurrency, any virtual currency is called Cryptocurrency. For example:
1) Bitcoin
2) Lite coin
3) XRP
4) Ripple

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency have collectively changed financial technology to a large extent. Both of these concepts work differently as compared to our traditional ledger and currencies used throughout the world. Now their application/use is no longer limited to the financial/banking sector only. Businesses active in other industries also want to hire blockading developer and Cryptocurrency experts for growth.

This is why businesses are doing their best to keep eye on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency related events or developments. Blockchain and Cryptocurrency always keep on changing like other types of technology. They are subject to innovation!

Before you hire Blockchain experts, it is essential for you to know everything latest related to Blockchain and Cryptocurrency.

Think about!

Scratch your head!

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Here is a blockbuster news for you.

World Blockchain Cryptocurrency Summit:

Don’t worry! You are reading everything right. This two days’ historic event is beginning on May 19th, 2018 in Moscow, Russia.

Specifications of Blockchain Cryptocurrency Summit:

1) It is the first global event related to Blockchain and Cryptocurrency
2) The number of participants all parts of the world is likely to exceed 3000.
3) World ICO Show will feature Major investors on the first day from all parts of the world.
4) More than 300 experienced speakers will share their wealth of knowledge and experience from 100 different countries.
5) More than 100 ICO Projects will be subject to discussion.

Keeping all this in mind, you may want to keep eye on this event. You may also want to hire Blockchain developers as the outcomes of this summit.

Relevant Speakers and Professionals from Different Industries:

This summit will throw light at the application/use of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency in various industries. For example:

1) Fintech
2) Logistics
3) Mining
4) Medicine
5) Government
6) Cryptocurrency
7) Trading
8) Smart City
9) Education
10) ICO
11) Law and Blockchain

The List of Popular Speakers includes the following names:

1) Benjamin Buergi (FMA)
2) Mohammad Shaheed Khan (Bahrain Association of Banks)
3) Opinder Preet Singh (Streamity/ETHLand)
4) John Patrick Mullin (
5) Sven Moller (Swisscom Blockchain AG)
6) Jaspreet Bindra (Digital Transformation)
7) Neil Wasserman (George Washington University)
8) Peter Symyrniotis (Blockchain Assembly)
9) Alexander Lobanov (CryptoFund of Biotech Innovations)
10) Joseph Muscat (The Prime Minister of Malta)
11) Vishal Nigam (Indian Blockchain Council)
12) Rogger Heanni (Datum)
13) Giles Babinet (Digital Champion/European Commission)
14) Ted Lin (Binance)
15) Justin Gambino (CryptoHub)
16) Charlee Lee (Litecoin)
17) Anatoli Radcheko (United Traders)
18) Margarethe Steffens (Accenture)
19) Masaaki Isozu (Sony Global Education
20) Burkhard Blechschmidt (Cognizant)
21) Kumar Gaurav (CV Total)
22) Liina-Laas Billson (Black Insurenace)
23) Samson Lee (Coin Street)
24) Maria Agranovskaya (Blockchain Advisor)

This list of speakers is not limited to the names mentioned above. In case you believe you have everything to be a speaker at this event then you just need to fill out some details to get your visa.

Tickets for Attendees:

Aspirant attendees can buy tickets from the following categories offering different luxuries:

1) Working sessions
2) Exhibition hall
3) All types of materials related to the Summit
4) Free of cost entrance to cryptonight
5) Online video translation.

Professional Category ticket costing 36250 Rubles will ensure your access to the following:

1) Working Sessions
2) Plenary Sessions
3) Experience related to Blockchain
4) Free of Cost entrance to Cryptonight
5) Lunch Communication Hall

Business Category ticket will cost you 73250 Rubles to ensure your access to some very important events mentioned below:

1) Plenary sessions
2) Working sessions
3) World ICO Show
4) VIP Lounge for Cryptonight
5) Seats in second row

Those who want to become VIP attendees will have to spend 20 ETH for access to the following:

1) Business package
2) VIP entrance
3) VIP Breakfast
4) VIP lounges
5) Seats in the first row

So you need to be ready for this event. Also keep eyes on the outcomes of this summit.

Coming to the point, we have a group of Blockchain development experts. We also know how it can take your business to the next level of success.

Just call us right now to hire Blockchain experts for your business’s growth.