FB Cheat Sheets – Unique Marketing Features for Business Growth

Internet is home to unlimited articles talking about Facebook cheat sheets. All of them hardly add any new value to the knowledge base of readers. All of them focus only on telling about the way traditional Facebook ads work. But experienced social media specialists advise you to focus on learning about innovative mediums of Facebook advertising for business growth.

The list includes…


1. Chatbots:

Facebook is now much more than just a digital platform for a social get together. Introduction of artificially intelligence features like Chatbots has changed the landscape of chatting on social media platforms.

Chatbot chatting on social media platforms

Meaning, Facebook is no longer for users to chat with each other only. If need be, they have the luxury of interacting with their preferred brands as well. Thanks to chatbots which are capable of answering most of the queries of users in the first place.

All in all, social media specialists see chatbots as a revolution in the domain of social media advertising.

Facts prove it:

  • At least 73% of people prefer interaction with brands through chat instead of the email.
  • At least 56% of customers like to chat with brands instead of calling the customer care team.
  • Your customers’ interaction with chatbots in the first place adds to your customer base and ROI (Return On Investment) by 53% at least. It is because they get answers to most of the queries quickly.

In case you are thinking about leveraging the potential of Facebook messenger ads for business growth, chatbots play the biggest role.


2. Marketplace:

This is another key social media marketing innovation introduced by Facebook. Since inception, the marketplace has been inviting the attention of sellers and businesses from all parts of the world.

Facebook marketplace to grow your customer

If stats are to be believed…

  • At least 18 million new items got listed in the marketplace in 2018.
  • Allows users to contact sellers directly for the purchase of products. In such a situation, the quickest responder ends up grabbing at least 35%-40% sales easily.
  • Minimum 800 million people from 70 different countries in the world visit Facebook marketplace every year.

Therefore, you just need to be familiar with a couple of more Facebook cheat sheets to leverage the potential offered by the Facebook marketplace to grow your customer base and ROI. If needed, Facebook marketing specialists in India can help you on this front.

3. Videos:

Facebook has really come a long way. The launch of the video tab by Facebook proves exactly that. This is making Facebook not only a direct competitor for YouTube but also a perfect advertising platform to market business.


You just need to produce good quality of video for your target market and publish it on Facebook. But make sure your video engages your target market and caters to their needs. Seeking the help of professional Facebook marketing specialists in India could also be a wise idea to leverage the potential Facebook videos offer.

Facebook advertising platform Videos

Facebook allows you to utilize the power of various types of videos for business marketing on its platform.

For example:

  • Native videos that appear under the video tab
  • Videos that appear in users’
  • Live videos

Stats also speak about the impact of video marketing concept on Facebook:

  • Native Facebook videos reach 10 times more audience than the videos on YouTube or any other platform.
  • At least 74% make their shopping related decision on the basis of the videos they watch on Facebook.
  • More than 78% of users on Facebook watch videos for almost everything.

Taking all this into consideration, this is another Facebook advertising cheat sheet you must learn to utilize and grow your business. But in case you do not get time for it, hiring FB ad experts is also advised.


4. Watch parties:

Watch parties are also one of the new video concepts introduced by Facebook and has the potential to feed your business.

Facebook Watch Party Experts
Watch parties are actually a medium to invite an unlimited number of users to watch your videos related to services, products, product launch or anything else. Lots of businesses are already leveraging the power of this innovative video concept initiated by Facebook.

Just host a watch party on your Facebook page and see the magic it bring in to your business. Lots of people will engage with your brand instantly. Provided you do it strategically.

Well, this list of unique Facebook cheat sheets does not end here only. Many more features like Add Story, and Go Live, etc. also have everything to be the Facebook cheat sheets you can use to the benefit of your business. It is because Facebook has really come a long way and has evolved enough to be a social search engine, the largest social chat community of users. But this is how common users see it.

But experienced social media specialists now see this platform, its evolvement and even rise as the world’s largest social media marketing platform for business to grow and climb the next step of the success ladder.

Taking all this into consideration, you can think about hiring Facebook Advertising experts in India to help you on this front with the wealth of their experience, skill set, and knowledge base?

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