Facebook Users can Operate Business, Render Services on Messenger

In a move to provide businessmen a more reachable platform to connect with their customers, the F8 Messenger has launched a platform for developers using which they can conveniently develop apps that integrate with Messenger. Additionally, the Platform brings various other ways for the 600 million users of Messenger who leverage it every month to express themselves. With more than 40 new apps, users can now raise the quality and effectiveness of their conversations using photos, GIFs, audio clips, videos and more.

The composer is expanding so that users can discover useful and creative new apps to heighten their Messenger experience. In case you are looking for apps within the app, you can do so without leaving Messenger by tapping install when a friend sends a message from a Messenger Platform app. If a friend of yours sends across a message from a Messenger Platform app, tap the reply button that will help you conveniently switch to the app to look up the right response.

People around the world can leverage these apps now to draw the best it has to offer, and developers can start building on Messenger Platform right away. Businesses on Messenger beautifully enhances communications and interactions between people and businesses. Utilizing this platform, people can have rich conversations with businesses who can further use it as a growth parameter. For instance, after buying something online, buyers can choose to get updated about their products via the messenger and carry on their conversation with the business in the app.

Once successfully rolled over, users will be able to receive important messages from businesses such as order confirmations and shipping status updates. To make their experience even more enriching, users will be able to take basic actions through the messenger such as modifying, tracking or even returning a purchase order. People will also have the option to post their queries to businesses they are interacting with. They can log requests and get quick responses to their purchase related queries. This whole set of interactions and features have been unified in a single, ongoing thread between the person and the business.

Initially, Businesses on Messenger will launch with a couple of partners and the rest will follow soon. If you want to learn more about the Messenger Platform, please visit https://messenger.com/business.

Image Courtesy: Wired.com