Facebook Search Enables Users to Check Critic Reviews

Facebook is rolling out a new feature in which reviews of the customers will show up alongside the business page. Facebook is considering it as a high-quality content for the smartphone users. This will provide users a better experience and they won’t have to go to some other sites to check the reviews.

Facebook is partnering with five publishers — Bon Appetit, Conde Nast Traveler, Eater, New York Magazine and the San Francisco Chronicle. In order to provide even more helpful useful information, Facebook is also planning to display the critic reviews from a friend or anyone who has been to the restaurants in the US. This concept will help people make decisions about which restaurant or eating joint they wish to try out. Facebook is going to include thousands of restaurants in this list.

Restaurant reviews considered as an important judging criteria and is the backbone of any restaurant business in the online ecosystem. In 2011, Google acquired Zagat for $151 million and Yahoo tapped Yelp to boost search results.

For restaurant business, the reviews are considered as most important feature and business owners try and get the best reviews ever by making sure their food or service is not lacking in any regard. They wish to avoid negative feedback at all costs. At the same time, Facebook has announced that WhatsApp would provide a new method to increase customer service by allowing businesses to contact customers on their messaging app.