Facebook Advertising: Pro Tips to Get More Traffic and Conversions

Facebook is a compelling platform for businesses to run ads and get desirable results. It has a massive user base, so enterprises have numerous targeting options. Unlike other paid advertisements, Facebook Ads will not cost an arm and a leg.

For this reason, around 20% of businesses invest in paid Facebook advertising to drive more traffic and sales.

But at times, despite all the effort and investment, Facebook Ads fail miserably. No matter how hard advertisers try, their attempts do not lead to any fruitful results. Whether you have experienced this or not, our Facebook Ads experts will explain some actionable Facebook Ads tips. Without wasting any time, let us explore them.

  1. Set up pixels correctly

Often, novice Facebook marketing consultants fail to set up the pixels correctly for their Ads. It may not seem like a big deal, but it can impact the success of your Facebook Ads. For example, your pixels play a vital role in collecting visitor information and data. You can use this to improve and optimize your Facebook Ads. So, make sure you install your pixels accurately.

Fortunately, you can set up your pixels easily using website platforms, such as WordPress, Shopify, and WooCommerce.

  1. Leverage remarketing

Whether you have a big budget or a small budget, remarketing is an effective technique everyone should imply to their digital marketing. In remarketing, you are running Facebook Ads to target online users who had visited your website or engaged with your previous Ads and Facebook page.

When it comes to remarketing, it offers a higher ROI than other marketing strategies and tactics. Firstly, you are reaching out to those who are familiar with your brand and the products you offer. So, you are reminding them that you can meet their needs and demands because they might have added your products to the cart.

Secondly, your audience interacted with you because they are interested in your products and services. So, they are the best candidate for remarketing.

  1. Use more videos

On any day, videos perform better than images in the digital space. So, it is crucial to make videos a part of Facebook’s advertising strategy. Now, many of you must be thinking that videos may exceed the budget, especially those with low-budget. But do not worry! It is not necessary to use professionally created videos, as long as they are delivering the right message.

You can create your videos using a smartphone and tripod. Still, get a great response from Facebook users.

A pro tip: Please do not exceed the length of your videos by more than 60 seconds. Also, do not forget to use captions.

  1. Skip boost button

If you have a Facebook business page, you must be familiar with the Boost Button that appears after publishing your post. Boosting a post means you pay money to Facebook for targeting more followers. But it does not work the way you think.

Facebook marketing consultants

Instead of the Boost Button, you can use Ads Manager to customize your potential audience based on their demographics, location, needs, and demands.

In closing

Well, you just learned the best Facebook Ads tips to ensure more traffic and better conversions. But if you want to implement these in your Facebook marketing strategy efficiently, make sure you hire a Facebook advertising expert with years of experience.

If you are looking for reliable Facebook marketing consultants to create a successful strategy, get in touch with SoftProdigy. We house a team of Facebook Ads experts who are committed to delivering top-notch results.