Expert Tips to Boost Sales This Black Friday and Cyber Monday

BLACK Friday 2018 is nearing with every passing day. Everyone is preparing to celebrate it with amazing enthusiasm. Even all ecommerce businesses wait for this festivity with full enthusiasm. They’re already trying to bring the best possible BLACK Friday deals of 2018 to grow their customer base, ROI (Return on Investment) and income. Many ecommerce entrepreneurs have already hired Facebook advertising experts for this purpose.

But Why?

The simplest and straightforward reason is that they want their customer base, ROI and income to touch the sky. So, you should also hire Facebook advertising experts to help your ecommerce business get the benefit of BLACK Friday deals in 2018 you plan on launching.

But how can you grow your customer base and sales with it?

That’s an important question that you must seek an answer to. Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world with nearly two billion or more monthly active users. Most of them don’t like to close their chats or games to shop for something. This is why Facebook launched Marketplace and has taken some more steps to help businesses move in the right direction. You just need to take some steps mentioned below:

What Steps?

Hire startup solution providers to make the most of the potential Facebook marketplace offers. That’s right! It’s because facts speak everything:

– Nearly 18 million or more items are posted on Facebook marketplace for sale every month in the US only.
– More than 550 million people from all parts of the world buy and sell things on Facebook.
– The chances are that your customer base, leads, ROI and income could increase up to 78%.

If you utilize it with BLACK Friday deals 2018, all this could increase beyond the targets you set.

The first step:

Before you take the first step, remember, Facebook Marketplace is only available in Facebook’s mobile app. You can’t use it in Facebook’s mobile or desktop website.

– Just tap the Facebook mobile application icon on your smartphone’s screen and open it. Once it is open, tap on marketplace option available in your app.
– Now you should tap the Sell option on your screen and select the type of product you want to sell.
– Upload the photo of a product you intend on selling as Black Friday Deal 2018. You can upload up to 10 photos of the product you want to sell.
– Now give a title to your product so that users can search for it easily.
– Remember to set the price range of your product.
– Now select the category you want to sell your product under.
– Now select your store’s location and add some description to your product. Make sure its description highlights all the best features.
– Finally, it’s time to decide who can see this post. You can also post it in several other relevant communities on Facebook.
– Finally, post it.

That’s was just a drop in the ocean. In simple words, just posting your product for sale on Facebook Marketplace doesn’t mean that you’ll get the desired result. A lot more has to be done. For example:

Finding the best startup solutions providers to help you get the desired results.

– Running and managing ad campaigns.
– Engaging with users.
– Hiring FB Ad experts.

A lot more than this has to be done. All this may not be your forte! But you can hire Facebook marketing experts who can help you on this front. Their wealth of experience can really help you boost your sales/customer base on Black Friday 2018.

Apart from selling your product on Facebook Marketplace, there are some more things you can do on Facebook. For example:

– Create text ads or videos and share them directly on Facebook.
– Ensure call to action in your ads.
– Utilize Facebook Attribution.
– Think about using the Facebook portal.
– Stay away from clickbait headlines/titles.
– Think about using Live videos and 360-degree videos.

You can utilize the basic potential all this offers at your own. However, when it comes to working on the technical front of all this, you will need to hire experienced Facebook marketing experts. This is what we’ve been doing for more than a decade for our long list of clients. We could be the ecommerce social media marketing startup solution provider you need to grow your customer base, ROI, sales and income on Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2018.