Earn Money from a Business Web App Post Pandemic: Hire Full Stack Developers

The pandemic has taught each one of us life lessons. These may vary from individual to individual. But one thing we all learned is the importance of money. If you want to make money from an enterprise web application, hire full-stack developers.

We all know how difficult the situations were during the strict lockdowns, social distancing, and other norms. Businesses also went through a roller-coaster phase. While many survived by opting for a survival strategy, others shut down permanently.

Indeed, the current situation is not as scary as before. But the fear of Corona Virus is not yet over. There is a probability that the pandemic may erupt again. Hence, we should have our guards on to endure any situation. One way is to create your business web application as a source of income. Later, we will explain different ideas using a web application to make money.

But first of all, understand why you should hire full-stack developers for your web app project.

  • Top reasons to hire full-stack developers for web app development

The reason for a surge in demand for hiring a full-stack development agency is they handle both front-end and back-end development. These professionals complete the project single-handedly, from planning to deployment. It reduces the hassle of searching for separate developers. Hence, enterprises save time and money. Besides this, there are ample reasons to work with full-stack developers.

  • Versatility – A full-stack developer knows several languages, frameworks, and technologies. Also, they can understand the technical requirements of a particular project. As a result, businesses can have smooth and fast-track delivery using their variety of skills.
  • Extensive experience – A full-stack programmer has hands-on experience in handling various projects. That means you must have expertise in multiple technologies. It will be beneficial for building your robust web application fast and easily.
  • Troubleshooting problems – Since full-stack developers are familiar with each development stage, they can identify bugs and issues. And using their in-depth knowledge and skills, they can implement long-term solutions.
  • Speedy project delivery – With a team of full-stack programmers, you do not need any other professional to handle web app development. Therefore, they can share the tasks and responsibilities among all the members. It ensures better coordination and minimal confusion, which leads to timely project delivery.
  • Money saving – If you have a tight budget, working with a full-stack development agency is your safest bet. They can manage all aspects of web app development. And you do not have to hire multiple projects. Hence, you can save money.

Based on these points, it is clear why a lot of people go for companies offering MERN or MEAN stack web development services. It is time to learn how to use your web application to make money in situations like the Corona Virus pandemic. You can also use it as an additional income source.

  • Using your business web app to generate money

Basically, there are two methods to use your web app for earning money, including

  • Indirect monetization – In this method, businesses can earn money without directly involving the app. That means you should create a product to promote on your enterprise web app. So, your target audience can use the product if not the app. You will still earn money.
  • Direct monetization – You can also make money using your web application directly. It refers to as direct monetization. For example, your users need to pay some fees for downloading your web application from App Store and Play Store. In this, the app serves as a primary source of income.

Whether you choose indirect or direct app monetization, your full-stack developers fulfill your needs and requirements. Once you determine the ideal way to make money from your web application, the next step is picking the suitable model. Here, we have listed some money-earning models for your business web app.

  • Best money-earning models you may consider

As mentioned, you never know when the next pandemic will hit the world. For this reason, choose a way that brings profits even in tight situations. We learned from the recent pandemic that digital space is an excellent medium to operate and earn money. Let us help you determine an appropriate model for you. While your full-stack developers can guide you, it is good to stay informed.

  1. Subscription strategy

The subscription-based approach helps you earn money from your web application efficiently. How does this work? First, an online user needs to sign up or register. After this, they will choose from the available subscription packages. Depending on the package, they will have to pay monthly, quarterly, or yearly subscription charges.

Some examples using a subscription strategy are Netflix, Amazon Prime, Spotify, etc. When you hire a full-stack development agency, they should have prior experience working on similar projects.

  1. Pay-to-download

Pay-to-download is one of the earliest methods for using web apps to earn money. But the earnings depend on the value you offer your users. The average cost of downloading apps on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store is $1-2 and $0.85. However, you can decide on the downloading fees considering the effort, time, and money you put into building your application. The success rate of this model also relies on your full-stack developers, so choose wisely.

  1. In-app purchase approach

In-app purchases are mostly used by gaming apps. But it does not mean you cannot apply this to your enterprise web app. You should offer online users virtual or physical products to make a purchase. In addition to this, you can provide in-app ads to earn money. Instagram and Facebook are the best examples of in-app advertising. If you wish to use this model, hire experienced full-stack developers.

  1. The free premium model

The free premium or freemium model offers users both free and paid services. It allows them to choose services that meet their needs and budget. With free services, users can access basic functionalities and features. On the other hand, premium services cover advanced functions. Spotify is one such example where users can first try free services before switching premium version.

The bottom line

Knowing different money-making models will not result in a successful business web app. You must deploy the best model that suits your business goals and needs. If you find it challenging, you can always seek assistance from your team of full-stack developers. Remember, the right model will work in your favor and help you make money, even during the pandemic and other unpleasant situations.

If you are searching for a reliable company to build a robust web application, contact SoftProdigy. We have a team of professionals offering MERN and MEAN stack web development services.


  1. What is a full-stack developer?

A full-stack developer is a professional that handles both the front-end and back-end of web app development. They have in-depth knowledge of multiple languages and technologies.

  1. Which traits to look for when hiring a full-stack developer?

If you are currently searching for a reliable full-stack developer, here are the traits you must consider.

  • In-depth knowledge of web frameworks.
  • They should be able to handle media queries and single-page applications.
  • They must have adequate database management systems.
  • They must be well-versed with IoT app development.