Django vs. Laravel: Choosing the Right Option for Your Business

Which is the best framework for backend development in 2021? It is one of the common questions business owners ask development companies

It is not a piece of cake to pick an option among several robust frameworks. Each has specific features and exclusivity, along with some limitations. Therefore, to make your work easy, we will dig into two popular backend frameworks Django and Laravel. 

Did we mention, the battle “Django vs. Laravel” has left entrepreneurs baffled because both are dynamic backend frameworks? They come with exceptional features and functionalities. For this reason, most enterprises hire a Laravel developer or Django developer. 

But if you want to know whether to hire Django or Laravel development company in India, keep reading. In this post, we will look at the detailed comparison between Django and Laravel. With this knowledge, you can make the best choice for your business.

If you are ready, we will jump straight into the comparison between Django and Laravel. 

  • Django vs. Laravel: The definition

Django is an open-source Python-based web framework. Well, this model view template framework allows developers to build robust web aesthetically pleasing applications faster, thanks to less code. Besides this, developers can write cleaner code efficiently. 

For this reason, Django is the first choice of many leading companies, like NASA, Pinterest, Instagram, Udemy, etc. Also, it powers nearly 18,444 websites on the internet.

When it comes to Laravel, it is an open-source PHP-based backend web framework. It comes with numerous features and Model-View-Controller architecture that make web development effortless and convenient. The very fact Laravel is PHP-based makes it a reliable option because PHP is one of the top programming languages. 

  • Django vs. Laravel: The Ease Of Learning 

How fast someone learns to work with a particular framework, library, or coding language is subjective. It means it may vary from one person to another. The same thing applies to Django and Laravel. 

But if you consider the coding and syntax of both and compare, you can reach some conclusions. 

For example, Django is written in Python, one of the easiest languages to learn, even for novices. So, it is clear that Django is effortless to grab. Plus, Python rarely uses semicolons in coding. It eliminates the chances of errors when working with Django.  

On the contrary, Laravel comes with comprehensive documentation and numerous tools. Despite all this, Laravel shows a steep learning curve. But we can ignore that compared to Django is a bit advanced because PHP has several complexities. 

  • Django vs. Laravel: Security 

Unlike the past, the online environment of today is more prone to cyberattacks. Of course, because of the increasing number of web malware like cross-site scripting, DDoS attacks, phishing scams, and many more. Therefore, it becomes crucial to choose solutions that ensure high-end security to web applications. 

Compared to PHP, Python offers better security to online businesses. It means you can stay worry-free about your website security with Django. Thus, you can safeguard your website from every possible online threat. 

While Laravel is not as safe as Django, it offers optimal security, thanks to its “Bcrypt Hashing Algorithm.” It allows users to save their passwords in an encrypted representation. Additionally, it has mechanisms to safeguard you from several online malware such as SQL injection, XSS, harmful cookies, intercepting data, etc. 

In the battle between Django and Laravel, Django is a clear winner in terms of security. 

  • Django vs. Laravel: Performance 

Performance is another crucial factor that one must consider when creating a web application. After all, online users appreciate those websites that perform well in terms of speed and efficiency. In a hectic schedule, no one has time and patience to use websites with slow speed. 

Do you know besides hardware resources, the framework you choose can also affect your website loading speed? Now, let us see how Django and Laravel are with performance. 

Since Django uses Python, without a doubt, it offers outstanding speed and performance. Plus, it allows developers to execute and compile code within no time. Therefore, they can complete the web development process at must faster rate.

Laravel is a robust web framework that has a plethora of built-in features. Consequently, it may affect its speed and performance. However, proficient Laravel developers know the tactics to speed up the web development process. 

  • Django vs. Laravel: Scalability 

The choice of coding language or the web framework for your project can also affect its scalability. Thus, it is always advisable to make an informed decision than regret it later. After all, at some point, you have to scale up your application to meet the growing demands of users and the market. 

If you use the appropriate framework today, you will not face challenges when dealing with heavy traffic. Besides this, it offers you the flexibility to increase or decrease the capacity of your web application based on your business goals and requirements. 

Talking about scalability in Django, it inherits from Python because it is a highly scalable programming language. Also, it comes with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities that make Django work seamlessly with various technologies. The best thing is it all occurs without compromising the performance and speed of the application.

Since Laravel gets support from PHP, it also provides adequate scalability to businesses. If you want to enjoy outstanding horizontal scaling, you can combine Laravel with database and load balance. Apart from this, you can scale up your application using MySQL, AWS, and advanced caching. 

In closing 

Based on the above discussion, it may look like Django is a winner. But it does not mean Laravel is any less. Despite the fact, Laravel is less scalable, secure, and slower than Django. But it is still more popular. 

Both Django and Laravel have pros and cons. Therefore, if you want to choose the most suitable option, consider your project requirements, needs, and budget. If you think Laravel seems an ideal choice, go ahead and hire a dedicated Laravel developer in India

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