Discount on the Extension for Adding Multiple Products to Cart

Online stores today are gearing towards making the process of online shopping easier for people who constantly resort to shopping through online channels than going to physical stores. It is a commonly observed phenomenon that online stores are gaining huge popularity in terms of audience reaching out to them for their shopping needs. They are with time becoming even more popular than physical stores. More and more online stores are springing up in different corners of the internet world and the competition for customer attention is growing at an equal pace. In such a scenario, it is important for online stores to stand out and provide exceptional service in order to stay in the competition and make a cut.

Online retailers do this by providing great customer services and in this manner get new customers and retain old ones. SoftProdigy continues to roll out excellent Magento extensions that help Magento store owners improve the shopping experience on their online store and thus win the trust of customers.

 The Add Multiple Products to Cart’ Magento extension has proved greatly beneficial for shoppers while allowing them to add a number of products at once in their shopping cart. Adding products to cart is a strenuous task, especially if a person is placing a huge order for products on the website. It usually involves several rounds of going to the product page, adding the product to cart by customizing the numerous variables involved, and individually adding each product to cart. This lengthy process generally dissuades people from buying products from a particular site. This particular extension is targeted towards providing a simpler method for adding products to cart.

 SoftProdigy announced a 25% discount on the purchase of this extension and the offer is scheduled to run until June 10th, 2015. This offer should not be missed by online retailers as it is greatly beneficial. The extension lends the entire process an unmatched ease and simplicity that draws crowd to a website and makes it popular.

 SoftProdigy has continued working in the Magento extensions domain for a long time now and has been applauded for its tireless efforts into producing great work that has benefitted the Magento community worldwide.