Create a Design Concept: A Step-by-Step Guide

Great UI/UX designs depend on the sturdiness of your concept. For a long time, graphic designers in India and worldwide ignored design concept creation.

But today, we all know the importance of having a design concept. It means if you want to create good UI/UX designs, you need a design concept creation. Luckily, you have landed on the right page. Below, we will explain everything you need to know about a design concept. Let us start with the basics. 

  • What is a design concept?

A design concept or conceptual design is the core idea that helps in creating a product design. It involves a collection of images, sketches, and written documentation. Both developers and graphic designers use a design concept to stay on track in terms of creativity. In addition to this, it aids businesses to value to target users’ experience. 

Before we get into how to create a design concept, you should know why you need one. 

  • Benefits of creating a design concept

    The primary purpose of a design concept creation is to give a visual shape to the concept. The following are some perks you can enjoy with a design concept creation. 
    • It adds a logical foundation to your design, like sending information and explaining your brand. 
    • With a design concept, graphic design companies in India build a gap between conception and visual features. 
    • It helps graphic designers to achieve originality with ease. 

Now, you know the basics of a design concept, it is time to explore how to create it. If you are ready, we will get into the process of design concept creation. 

design concept creation
  • A step-by-step guide to a design concept creation 

    • Understand the basics – The first step is delving deep into the project and understanding its goals and needs. Your graphic designer in India will also ask the necessary questions to gather the details and the data. 

      They might use quick sketching to determine recent interactions of users and their activities. It is even better if you share your visual design needs and preferences with your graphic designer. Depending on it, they will suggest you the best. 

    • Know your competitors – It is always a good idea to research your competitors and examine how they have designed the UI of their apps. Do not forget to check if it is successful or has missed out on essential features. With this, you can assess what will work for your business app. 

    • Define your concept – Concepts are nothing but thoughts, so it is time to define them verbally. In this step, you need to sit with your graphic design and draw your concept out. Besides this, you can use word-based methods such as mind-mapping. 

    • Seek inspiration – We cannot deny there are brilliant designs on the web. If you feel stuck or fail to brainstorm a good idea, seek inspiration from others. For this, you can search for trending UI/UX designs or read high-quality design blogs

    • Visualize your concept – Once you know the goals and needs of your app, the next step is drawing your concept. The best way to do so is by using Lo-fi sketches. 

    • Create a design concept – After visualizing the idea, you should enhance its beauty, especially the UI part. Yes, it is time to develop the design concept. Make sure you choose the right color combination, layout, and pattern to leave a lasting impression on your clients. 

      A pro tip: When you choose the font, the letters should be visible and easy to read. 

The bottom line 

Congratulations! You just learned how to create a design concept for UI/UX. However, the process is not as easy as it seems. Therefore, it is advisable to hire the best graphic designer in India

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