Building a Ride-sharing App like Uber: Everything You Need to Know

The on-demand apps development industry is growing at the fastest pace. It is because the industry focuses on catering to the needs and demands of customers. 

Currently, numerous industries depend on on-demand hyperlocal app development, such as taxi booking, food delivery, live-streaming movies or sports, and many more. Of course, it results from the pent-up demand by online users. The primary reason customers prefer on-demand apps is because of their quick services and convenience. 

If you want to create a ride-sharing app for your business, you should consider the example of Uber. It is the most popular taxi-booking app across the globe. Introduced ten years ago, Uber has become a go-to solution for every individual looking for faster taxi services. 

Do you know even after so many years in the market, Uber does not own a single car? It works on a hyperlocal concept. It means Uber offers a digital platform to independent drivers and reaches out to their audience. In simple words, Uber brings vendors and customers together to make services more accessible. 

What are the essential features to add to your ride-sharing app?

Over the years, this ride-sharing app has improved a lot to ensure the best user experience. To make your live tracking app as successful as Uber, here are some features you must consider. Let us explore them below.

  • Essential features for your taxi-booking hyperlocal app
    Since it is a community-driven mobile app, you should consider features that support both riders and customers.

    • Two-way communication – Hyperlocal business model involves the service providers and the users. Therefore, it must have dual-way communication to ensure everything works smoothly. For example, customers can tell their needs, and accordingly, businesses can offer the most suitable solution. 

      Please remember, if the communication is not transparent and clear, your customers will get the solution. Are you planning to invest in a live-tracking app? Then do not forget to incorporate a chat feature for hassle-free communication between businesses and users. 

      Besides solving the problems related to goods and services, smooth communication is crucial for updating users about their orders. It will save a lot of time while preventing any chances of misunderstandings. 

    • Auto-detection – When it comes to a taxi booking app, the correct location plays an essential role. After all, if the taxi driver does not reach the location on time, it will waste users’ time. As a result, your customers will not come back due to poor user experience. 

      Therefore, you should use geography-based technology in your hyperlocal taxi booking app. With this, vendors can reach out to local users with ease and offer their products and services. 

    • Slot availability –What makes the hyperlocal ride-sharing app different from the rest is quick services? So, to book the ride, your users should know whether any driver is available at their pick-up point or not. Hence, your app should have a feature to show the availability of taxi booking. 

      In addition to this, you can add features to give information about the driver, car, and the timing of availability. 

    • Advanced booking – Like Uber, your on-demand app should offer an advanced booking feature. With this, your users can plan their timing accordingly and enjoy a stress-free ride. For example, if someone is traveling interstate, they can book their cab in advance and save time. Plus, your app should allow users to book a taxi for another person. Do not forget about the “cancel the ride feature.” If there is a change in the plan, the users should be able to cancel the ride efficiently.

    • Multiple payment options – If your hyperlocal business app has one payment method, it is a drawback for you. Not everyone will be using the same mode of payment. Therefore, to allow your users to make payment hassle-free, include multiple payment options. Based on their convenience, they can choose the most suitable payment option. 

      Often, users refrain from booking a taxi because they do not use the payment system available on the app. So, make sure you do not make this mistake and lose your customers. 

    • Safety and security features -  Mostly, users look for safety and security features in a taxi booking app. Besides users, this feature should be available to businesses as well. 

    • Live tracking –Once the users book their slots, they should be able to track the exact location of their prospective drivers. Hence, they will know every single moment of the driver. In addition to this, users can track whether they are going towards the correct location or not. It saves them from wasting time wondering here and there. If they feel something is fishy, they can click the emergency button on the app. 

In closing 

There are essential features your hyperlocal ride-sharing app should have. If you want to offer a personalized user experience, you can incorporate features accordingly. It happens that people can break their bank while building their live-tracking app. For this reason, it is advisable to set your budget, understand your audience and know your business goals before creating your app. 

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