Blogging with Joomla – 5 Secret Joomla Features that Bloggers Must Try

Currently, Joomla is one of the most popular content management systems. Both professionals and individuals choose Joomla as a blogging platform to publish engaging content. But what has caused this driving force towards Joomla? 

It comes with a numerous set of tools that meets the requirements of a blog platform. However, the most exciting thing about Joomla is its impressive customization capabilities. When it comes to uses of Joomla, they help in creating, posting, and managing content. It supports multiple platforms such as websites, mobile apps, blogs, and intranets. 

Most of you must be familiar with these features of Joomla, so we will not talk about them here. In this post, we will look at the least-known Joomla features. With these features, you can boost your blogging experience significantly. 

And it will become understandable why thousands of government and non-government organizations are increasingly depending on Joomla development services in India and worldwide. Let’s delve straight into the secret Joomla features that every blogger must try. 

1. No separate logging in backend and frontend 

We have been using Joomla for several years. The most convenient feature of this CMS is simultaneously logging in to the backend and frontend. It is most useful for bloggers when publishing content from page editing. Instead of providing users with a preview link of the article on the backend, its default system allows preview on the frontend. 

In simple words, you have to log in on the frontend only, and you will automatically be logged in to the frontend. Thus, it saves you from logging in to the frontend as well as backend. 

2. Article’s inner texts search 

Released with plenty of new features and privacy tools, Joomla 3.9 allows article search by the inner contents on the backend. In the previous Joomla version, you can search articles by URL and title texts. But this new feature will make your blogging and searching experience more convenient. 

To use this feature, first, go to Joomla admin control panels > article > search. 

5 Secret Joomla Features for Bloggers

3. Prevent uploading unwanted file-types 

We have mentioned already that Joomla has extensive customization abilities. Thus, it gives you the opportunity to determine the file types you want to upload using the Joomla media uploader. As a result, it can prevent site users from uploading any unnecessary file-types to your server. 

4. Allowing super-users to access debugging information 

Another compelling feature of Joomla is accessing debugging information, which is limited to super-users only. However, if you have kept the Joomla debug system on default, all site users can see the “Joomla Debug Console.” It may affect the productivity of your site. For this reason, you can customize Joomla’s default system by showing debug information to super-users only.

5. Content versioning 

Content versioning is a boon to bloggers using Joomla for developing, publishing, and managing content. With this feature, you can save the various modifications that occurred in the article or blog to keep a tab on changes made by you and other authorized users. And later, based on these changes, you can compare and edit your content to make it more engaging and improving its readability. 

In short, you can access the previously-saved content versions using the content versioning feature. Hence, you can publish high-quality blogs and articles. 

The final word 

Joomla offers endless opportunities for businesses of all sizes to boost their websites and mobile applications by establishing quality content. With extensive community support and multiple tools and features, Joomla can enhance your blogging experience and better performance. 

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