Blockchain: A Revolution Ready for Digital Marketing and Mobile App Development

Blockchain is no longer subject to any introduction. This next level technology revolution has disrupted many industries on the global scale. The impact of this advanced technology’s incorporation has helped businesses grow like never before. From education to travel, healthcare, finance, ecommerce industries to governments, the value it adds to their operations is being realized significantly. Now it is all set to do the same to mobile application development and all walks of digital marketing. Therefore, it is high time for you to take Blockchain little more seriously and hire Blockchain developer.

Need Proof/Reasons?

Good! It is good! You have every right to ask for proof/reasons. There are many! For example:

First of all, people no longer want to share their personal details or browsing activities with businesses. This is smartphone/mobile app users are looking for a solution that offers full privacy. Keeping this in mind, HTC, a popular Taiwanese smartphone maker, has launched Exodus 1, World’s first Blockchain based smartphone. It proves that you should take Blockchain little more seriously and incorporate it into your mobile application development lifecycle/processes/practices or operations and hire a Blockchain developer who can do this for you.
Secondly, Huawei, a Chinese smartphone manufacturer, is also constantly in talks with Sirin Labs, for building and launching a smartphone totally based on Blockchain. It has already been named as Mate 11.
Thirdly, if CoinDesk report is to be believed, Sirin Labs itself has also launched its own Blockchain based smartphone. The company has already managed to the funding of $157 million through an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) for funding its development. According to Mr. Nimrod May, CMO (Chief Marketing Officer), Sirin Labs, it’s been priced around $999 and is likely to begin shipping operation globally from 15th December 2018 to 25th December 2018.

Blockchain’s impact on all walks of digital marketing:

Wait a minute! That’s just a trailer! Mobile application development for Blockchain based smartphone is not the only reason for you to look for the companies providing Blockchain development services. Experts are now trying their level best to explore the value it could add their digital marketing operations.

As for reason…

Falsifications and discrepancies in data are major problems in SEO. Blockchain offers the potential needed to root out this problem. It is because this technology advancement will notice this issue to nullify the bad data.

Moreover, it is important that you understand the way bot traffic, digital ad frauds and black hat SEO methods affect your business’s SEO campaign. You should also understand the number of customers and the staggering amount of revenue you lose.

Link Building:

This is also a big reason why you should look for the companies providing Blockchain development services. It is because the website and it’s link building process is somewhere interlinked and affect website’s rankings in SERPs as per their quality and use. Paid link building is hardly effective. However, it is still preferred highly as it helps websites get backlinks to get ranked in SERPs. Therefore, Blockchain is going to be the stick search engines need to deal with it.

Here’s how Blockchain Can Change the Future

Data verification:

Implementation of Blockchain offers potential you need to ensure reliable data verification. It is because verified UID (User Interaction Data) you need will help you get your website ranking high in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). It is because Blockchain can help you filter-out human traffic and bot traffic effectively. It is because this next level technology revolution connects digital marketers directly with their existing or targeted customer base.

Keyword research:

As for keywords research, it is also something that’s going to be affected by Blockchain. It is because SEO specialists have to research keywords on the basis of the device type, location and users’ type the website is going to be promoted. It is mainly because search results vary as per everything mentioned above. This is what Blockchain is going to change. Therefore, this is another big reason you must thinking about seeking Blockchain development services from professionals who know this.

Blockchain is going to be the next big level big technology thing in the domain of mobile application development. The launch of totally Blockchain based smartphones by HTC, Huawei and Sirin Labs is a sufficient proof of it. At the same time, it is also ready to impact all walks of digital marketing significantly. That time is coming soon! Therefore, you had better make sure your mobile app development and digital marketing (Preferably SEO) is done accordingly. It isn’t a dish you’ll find it easy to chew! However, you are left with no choice to buy to swallow this pill of truth! In case you find it difficult, we could be the best Blockchain development services providers to help your business adapt to this futuristic change!