Bing Launches Shopping Campaigns in Beta

In a move to better its customer’s Product Ads experience, Bing just set out with its shopping campaigns for a few of its selected advertising customers.

Similar to what Google did the previous year, Bing, at this point, is investing in beta testing of its shopping campaigns in an attempt to provide for more sophisticated handling and performance tracking capabilities. This move by Bing appears to be quite in line with Google Shopping’s initiative that surfaced last year. The intent of these shopping campaigns is to streamline Bing’s process of running product ads in a way that will make it more convenient for advertisers to manage their listings.

Geared toward enhancing its customers’ Product Ads experience, the Bing Ads team has launched the Bing Shopping Campaigns with an aim to organize, observe, and optimize Product Ads directly in Bing Ads. The new campaign type within Bing Ads attempts to simplify the process of advertising for its customers so they can market products straight from their online Bing Merchant Center store. The new development brings forth two noteworthy enhancements one of which is the ability to carry off campaigns at scale using APIs and the other is to be able to import Google Shopping campaigns.

Besides easier management of advertisements, the new method also includes an intuitive hierarchical construct to arrange products to bid on. It further allows marketers to look at their catalog data right within the user interface and apply specific settings to prioritize across campaigns. Shopping Campaigns by Bing also offer more performance insights that include competitive intelligence which involves the use of benchmark data to steer better optimization.

If any of the Bing Ads customers are interested in beta testing, they are free to approach their account managers. The search engine looks forward to its Shopping Campaigns being available for all U.S. customers this summer.