AngularJs: What makes it the Best Framework for Creating Responsive Web Apps?

Time is constantly changing, so are the ways we run our businesses. Do you know what will happen if you fail to update with changing technology and customer’s demands? You will end up losing a significant number of potential customers. Thus, it is crucial to keep up with the latest trends and improvements. 

In the past, brick-and-mortar stores were essential to ensure the smooth running of enterprises. But in this digital era, having a well-designed website is the best way to promote products and services. 

Today, a business without a website is almost non-existing. Therefore, we have seen a surge in demand for web app developers in the past few years. But as we mentioned, the change is constant. So, having a website is not enough. It should be user-friendly and highly responsive. You must be wondering what responsiveness of a web app means, do not worry. We are here to answer all your queries. 

  • What makes a web app responsive?

A responsive website comes with the following features, such as:

  • Faster loading speed
  • The speedy transition between the pages
  • Flexibility to adjust to the varying screen sizes

Please remember online users appreciate responsive and feature-rich websites that offer a seamless experience while meeting their needs. Thus, it leads to customer retention and more profit. 

However, the success of your website will come down to your choice of the web development framework. For this reason, most experts swear by AngularJs web development services. Since its inception, this Google-supported framework continues to be a developer delight. AngularJs has numerous features and capabilities. But one that took the web app development industry by storm is its ability to create responsive websites. 

Before you hire an AngularJs web development company, you need to know the reasons why this framework is the best choice for responsive web apps. Without further ado, let us get started. 

Why AngularJs is the efficient framework for building responsive websites?
  • AngularJs for responsive web app development 
    AngularJs has gained momentum as a reliable framework for building responsive enterprise-level web apps. Some leading brands like PayPal, Netflix, Weather, Lego, and many more have chosen AngularJs for their web development and have earned fame worldwide. After reading this post, we will be sure whether AngularJs is the right option for your web app project or not. 
    • Hassle-free development process – One of the reasons why businesses and developers choose AngularJs for crafting web applications is the hassle-free development process. But it has become possible due to various factors. For example, creating interactive web designs is easier because of the use of HTML and JavaScript. 
      Additionally, AngularJs developers can execute more tasks in less time and using fewer efforts. If your developer has experience with Backbone.Js and JQuery, they can develop a robust web app effortlessly. 
    • Code reusability – Feature, like code reusability, is a boon to AngularJs web development services providers. It allows developers to build complex, highly responsive enterprise-level web apps without the need to code more. As a result, it reduces the development time and eases out the process. 
    • Convenient design creation – All thanks to the AngularJs web development framework, developers can create dynamic designs with ease. It comes with the option of Markup that helps developers in identifying the elements in a document without disrupting the code of the whole app. It means developers can make changes in specific parts of the code to improve the design. 
    • Countless filters – Availability of various filters is another reason that makes AngularJs a reliable option for creating responsive web apps. Developers can use these filters for lowercase, uppercase, order by, numbers, date, currency, and so on, and transform the data. Do you know AngularJs developers can craft their filters? To do so, they have to register a new filter factory. 
    • Better programming practices – Unlike many other web development frameworks, AngularJs comes with better programming practices due to its ingenious features. It includes Angular directives that support reusable components. Did we mention the servers and REST API connection consume significantly less bandwidth that helps HTTP requests to handle data more efficiently? 
    • Easy collaboration – The best way to determine the success of any responsive web app project is its ability to collaborate with the team members. Fortunately, AngularJs comes with the ability to make collaboration more simplified between developers. With Dependency Injection, AngularJs eases out integration with the previously-created modules and the script-sharing process. 
      Besides this, it has plenty of libraries that allow developers to imbibe new features into web app development projects.
    • Enhanced testability – Developers may require making changes in a web app at any stage of the developmental process. Well, this calls for conducting tests to improve performance and address issues. In such situations, AngularJs web development has proven the right solution because of its improved testability.
    • Easy to maintain web apps – Maintenance issues, such as adding new features, and fixing bugs, can come up any time post-deployment. But the good thing is AngularJs web applications are easy to maintain. The framework uses the model as the source, which helps in creating an object-oriented client-side design. 

Apart from this, AngularJs web framework offers various perks, like a secure access management process, utilization of existing data, minimum security threats, and a Google-backed dynamic community. All these features make AngularJs the best framework for building responsive web apps. If you think AngularJs falls in your bracket of web app development, hire the best AngularJs development company today. 

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