AngularJS 5 Finally Released: Know the Changes, Bug Fixes and Innovations Here

A lot has been said or written about AngularJS 5 for more about last 6 to 7 months. AngularJS development companies were eagerly waiting for the release of AngularJS version 5. It was to be released on September 18th, 2017. But it could not be possible because of some reason. Finally, it has arrived in the market on 1st November, 2017.

A lot of new features and functionalities have been incorporated in AngularJS 5. Now all AngularJS development experts can expect frameworks to be compact, faster and easy to use. This version is technically the 4th release of Google’s most popular JavaScript framework.

It is now time for you to switch to AngularJS 5 and take your development practices to the next level accordingly.

How to Move to AngularJs 5:

Now all Angular JS development experts will need to be familiar with the process of moving to AngularJS 5 from its previous version being used by you. In-case you do not the steps to move to AngularJS 5, Google is assisting you in this process.

Changes, Bug Fixes and Innovations in AngularJS 5

Google delayed the release date of AngularJS 5 for all AngularJS development companies for easing the upgrade process. This couldn’t be possible without taking more time. Coming to the point, this new version of AngularJS includes many changes, bug fixes and new features.

Let’s now take a look at all of them below:

Hassle-free Development of Progressive Web-Apps

Progressive web based applications are a joint venture initiated by Google and Mozilla. The main purpose of progressive web app development is to give users very high quality native like experience. This can be possible only through the caching of progressive web apps in the browsers. Google has put more efforts to make the development of progressive web based apps easier through changes, innovations and bug fixes in AngularJS 5. The company is still putting efforts to build capability in the CLI (Command Line interface) of AngularJs 5. Therefore, companies delivering AngularJS development services have no choice but to wait till the end of November 2017 for this.

A Build Optimizer :

The Build Optimizer will now get applied by default. This process will be performed automatically by the Production Builds created using Command Line Interface (CLI), says Mr. Stephen Fluin, Developers Advocate at Google.

The Build Optimizer is basically a tool to help the best AngularJS development companies make users’ bundle compact. They will be able to perform this task through their team’s semantic understanding of Angular’s application by users. The workload for Angular developers increases for the following two reasons:

Angular’s team successfully marked all parts of user’s application as “Pure”. This ensures significant improvement in the following two vital processes:

  • 1. Tree Shaking which existing tools provide.
  • 2. Users’ application’s additional unnecessary parts are removed.

If you want to remove Angular’s decorators from user’s application’s run-time mode, this is the tool you need.

This has been done to decrease the size of your JavaScript bundles for improvement in the boot speed of applications developed for users.

Angular Universal State Transport API and DOM Support :

Now what makes AngularJS 5 is the presence of Angular Universal Transport API and DOM. This helps the best AngularJS development companies run the SSR (Server-side Rendering) process of Angular apps. Additional bootstrapping performed on HTML code generated is way to provide support for scrappers and crawlers not supporting JavaScript. According to Mr. Stephen Fluin, it will also serve as way to add to the perceived performance of apps.

AngularJS 5 also contains two very important things:

1. STSM (ServerTranferStateModule)

2. BTSM (BrowserTransferStateModule)

These two features in Angular Universal State Transport API and DOM Support allow to generate necessary information. This information is generated as a part of rendering process carried out with platform server. Once this process is over, the whole information is then sent to the client side for preventing the requirement of information regeneration.

The Google team has also embraced Domino. Their objective is to ensure full support for DOM manipulation out-of-the-box within server-side.

Compiler Improvements :

AngularJS 5 compiler fully supports incremental compilation and functions as a TypeScript transform to ensure less consumption of time during the rebuilding process.

New HttpClient :

This is something that all companies delivering Angular JS development services would surely like. Google now wants you to use HttpClient all apps and stop the use of previous @ angular/http/library

Following is the process of Updating to Http Client :

  • You will need to replace HttpModule with HttpCLientModule using @angular/common/http in all of your modules.
  • Now you will have to inject HttpClient Service.
  • Finally, get rid of any map(res=>res.json()) calls that are no longer required.

Support for Command Line Interface Version 1.5 Provided :

This will help the best AngularJS development companies generate v5 project by default. For this purpose, Google has enabled the Built Optimizer by Default for ensuring smaller bundles for developers.

Moreover, you are advised to hire AngularJS developers who know the way .tsconfig files are utilized according to the strict TypeScript standards. Remember, CLI does not need the help of files or inclusion of sections for configuring TypeScript. Therefore, you need not worry in this regard as you are going to be affected by it.

Material Design Components Compatibility :

This is another update in Angular. But Google, the largest search engine in the world, is working on it to fix some bugs before releasing it.

In this whole process, Google has made sure that AngularJS development companies get Dependency Injection and HTML Template as the biggest advantages. It is not possible to cover the full list of changes, bug fixes and innovations incorporated in AngularJS 5 here only. The list of changes, bug fixes and innovation included in AngularJS 5 is not limited to the list presented in this article. Therefore, you are advised to click-open the hyperlinks included in this article to know everything about AngularJS 5.

Final Words :

In-case you need the highest quality of AngularJS development services. You are at the right place at the right time. Hire the best group of AngularJS developers right now.

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