Angular 12.2: What to Expect from this Latest Version the Features and Performance?

AngularJS is also known as a superheroic JavaScript framework due to its excellent capabilities and features. It is the most preferred framework for front-end web development due to various reasons. Some of them are Google’s support, regular updates, MVW, and many more. It allows developers to create dynamic single-page applications without undergoing rigorous code writing.

The Angular core team is constantly making improvements in this open-source framework to make it more reliable. So, it is no surprise why most businesses rely on AngularJS development services for their front-end web applications.

After the massive success of Angular 12 released in early 2021, the team made few changes and announced the latest version Angular 12.2. Whether you are already using AngularJS or planning to create your web app, you should keep up with the updates. With this, you can ensure your web application is up-to-date and meet your customers’ needs and demands.

Are you thinking about using AngularJS for your upcoming project? Before you hire an AngularJs developer, you should know the exciting features of AngularJS 12.2. But let us first learn the general characteristics of AngularJS that make it the choice of countless web applications.

superheroic JavaScript framework
  • General characteristics of AngularJS
  • Effortless data-binding: AngularJS offer hassle-free data binding functionality. Small codes easily bind the data from HTML control to application data. Before AngularJS, developers used to write extra codes for binding data with HTML control.
    • MVC Architecture: MVC (model, view, and controller) provides dynamics and precise functionality to an application. Angular works on MVC architecture. It separates the application into three sections as the presentation, logic, and application part. As a result, it makes the managing of the software very productive.
  • Lesser coding: A programmer has to code less compared to other applications developing scripts. In AngularJS, the same code serves more functionalities with filters, like uppercase, lowercase, currency, and many more. Once applied, developers can easily format the data.
  • No browser constraint: AngularJS have no restrictions with browser constraints. It runs on all major browsers except for internet explorer 8.0 and smartphones/tablets based on Android and iOS. It supports “Class A” browsers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.
  • Use of Directives: AngularJS uses Directives to mix data from a model into HTML templates. It tells how to combine data into an HTML template. In addition to this, they provide extra functionality to our Angular applications. Angular provides a way to create custom directives. There are a variety of Directives in Angular available for smooth data bindings.
  • Deep linking: It facilitates bookmarking of the webpage with its URL without getting its state changed. Whenever the user requests for the saved page, it displays the state as before.

Now you are familiar with the features of AngularJS. It is time to find out what the latest version of AngularJS has in store for us.

  • What does AngularJS 12.2 have to offer?
  • Router: The previous versions of AngularJS come with routing. It allows users to switch between pages without reloading the angular application user. Unlike the other versions where you could use imperative instantiation, Angular 12.2 provides a RouteReuseStrategy through DI to test the router’s module. Hence, you can write:


 imports: [RouterTestingModule],

 providers: [{ provide: RouteReuseStrategy, useClass: CustomReuseStrategy }]


  • Templates: The latest AngularJS version comes with a compiler that supports underscore as a separator for numbers in the template. It works similarly to JavaScript. For example, ES2021.
  • Forms: Another exciting feature of Angular 12.2 is the forms. Thanks to the addValidators, hasValidator, and removeValidators methods, the form in the latest version of Angular is gaining a lot of momentum. Contrary to the previous versions, they allow eliminating and adding a validator or even an array of validators.
  • CLI: Angular CLI is a command-line tool that helps in building an application very fast. It adds components, tests, and deploys them instantly. In the latest version, CLI leverages esbuild to ensure faster development of the application. When it comes to esbuild, it is known for its extraordinary speed of compilation.

For optimizing the building code, esbuild is used along with terser. While it is faster, it does not offer all the optimizations.

Apart from this, other new features in Angular 12.2 include split two-way blinding checks, support in the language service, Sass deprecation warnings, and so on. If you want to upgrade your current AngularJS version to 12.2, make sure you hire the best AngularJS web development company.

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