An Insight into the Past, Present, and Future of Mobile App Development

It was just a few years ago when mobile apps came into existence. And if you take a pause and look at the present scenario, you will realize that the mobile app development industry has become an immense boom, hard to imagine and define in just words. With the revelations of new technologies, mobile app development has exploded with a great force over the last decade or so. On one hand, the iPhone has become the favorite choice of many people all over the world; on the other, Android is sitting on the apex of the game.

To give you a brief idea about mobile app development, our knowledgeable hybrid mobile app development company would like to take you on a journey through its past, present, and future. So, are you ready for the time travel? Let’s go!

  • The past

Initially, mobile phones were used only for the calling purpose but with time, they became an integral part of our cultural life. Though there were many endeavors, it wasn’t until the year 2007 when the prominent revelation of the iPhone took place. A year later or so, Apple opened the market to third-party programmers to develop the new apps for their phones, subsequently launching its App Store with 552 products. Within a week or so, the App Store experienced some 10 million downloads, a big number at that time.

Two months later to the launch of the App Store, the greatest rivalry of iOS vs Android took place when the Android Market was unveiled. Nowadays, it is known as Google Play Store. Following the wave of mobile app stores, the Windows App Store was introduced in 2010. In short, if you look at the whole scenario you will find out that the growth and development of mobile apps have not slowed down till the date they were first integrated into mobile phones.

  • The Present

Over the past few years, mobile app development technologies have advanced immeasurably. Along with native mobile app development, hybrid app development,
and cross-platform mobile app development are improving year-on-year. We have Augmented Reality (AR) where users can get interactive information on the screen through the camera of their smartphones. There’s also machine learning where mobile apps can learn with us and from us. Then there’s the Internet of Things (IoT) where all our devices can be connected in such a way that was not possible to imagine before.

At present, there are more than 3.3 million Android apps and 2.2 million iOS apps available out there on the Play Store and App Store. What is more fascinating is the fact that these numbers are rising with new technologies almost day by day. From commerce to the health sector, almost every industry is reaping the benefits of mobile apps, leveraging its scopes in the 21st century.

  • The Future

Mobile app development is taking a huge leap and doesn’t seem to slow down in the future.  With programming languages like Swift, mobile apps are going to be developed in conjunction with other technological developments. 5G will be out soon with its lightning speed where mobile apps need to cater to its needs. Also, functionality will improve with options including voice control that has become a huge trend in the last couple of years.

Mobile apps are easily accessible today anytime, anywhere. And the way businesses and industries are moving towards mobile app development for marketing their goods and services, the forthcoming years for mobile app development are going to be a boom. In a nutshell, what lies ahead is very bright for mobile app development where it has no sign of slowing down.

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Mobile phone apps are never getting old. From the beginning till today, there has been such a huge development and there is nothing stopping it! Learn about the past, present and future of mobile apps through this blog.