Amazon SEO in 2021: Everything You Need to Know About its Ranking Factors

What comes to your mind when you think about SEO? If your answer is Google, do not worry because many people think likewise. After all, it is the #1 search engine we have today. 

But there is another famous SEO platform everyone is talking about – Amazon. Since its inception in 2020, this platform has helped numerous businesses to grow significantly. From small-scale enterprises to well-established ventures, Amazon serves everyone and encourages them to do online business. 

Given the benefits of promoting businesses on Amazon, more entrepreneurs have started to opt for Amazon SEO. As a result, we can see numerous professional SEO services companies offering Amazon SEO. 

Do you know Amazon boasts about having nearly 1.9 million active sellers? The number shows a gigantic level of competition among companies promoting their products and services on Amazon. It means you have to implement the best SEO practices if you want to outrank your competitors. But what is Amazon SEO anyways? 

  • What is Amazon SEO? 

If you know how Google SEO works, you can understand Amazon SEO easily. Similar to other search engines, online users will enter a keyword or phrase on Amazon to fetch information, buy something, etc. Users will click the first few links on the search result. In rare cases, the users see the second, third, or beyond page on Amazon. Thus, it is vital to rank on the first page. 

Like Google, the algorithms of Amazon keep evolving and changing, which makes it even more difficult to rank higher on this platform. Therefore, it becomes crucial to hire the best SEO company in India that stays abreast with the regular updates and trends in Amazon SEO. Before determining the right SEO packages in India for your business, you need to know the factors that influence your ranking on Amazon.  

  • What are the essential factors that influence your rankings on Amazon?

1. Keywords you choose – The success of your Amazon SEO depends heavily on the keywords you use. The platform comes with SEO tools helping e-commerce businesses to reach out to the target audience as per the keywords they use. So, failing to use the right keywords can prevent you from promoting your products or services to the right people.

While Amazon is cutting-edge technology, it will not give the desired results until you use the appropriate language. As a thumb rule, choose keywords that determine your target audience and include them in your product listings for better sales. In addition to this, make sure your potential SEO agency knows how to use backend keywords.

2. Conversion rate – Your search ranking on Amazon also depends on your conversion rate. When your prospective SEO consultant in India uses the right SEO strategy and keywords, it drives more web traffic. If your products meet the needs and budget of your visitors, they will convert into customers. It means more sales and a higher ranking. 

3. The selling speed of your products and services – Another factor that helps your website rank higher on Amazon is your sales velocity. The platform uses this as a metric to find out how fast your products are selling in the online market. The connection between Amazon SEO and your sales velocity is pretty simple. The more the money, the higher the ranking. Therefore, to boost sales, you must deploy the best Amazon SEO strategies that lead to more traffic, a better conversion rate, and higher sales. 

4. Your product reviews – With nearly 85% of customers relying on online reviews for purchases, we can say that it is another vital ranking factor. Amazon’s algorithm considers your online reviews by authentic customers before ranking your product. Usually, products that position at the top have more reviews as compared to others with lower rankings. 

We can conclude that more reviews translate into better click-through rate, which result in more sales. Hence, your website will have a higher ranking on Amazon. 

Based on the above discussion, it is safe to say if your Amazon SEO game is on point, your website will rank better. A well-strategized SEO plan will attract more traffic and eventually lead to a better conversion rate and higher ROI. Hence, Amazon will rank your website on the top. If you want your e-commerce site to stand out among other businesses on Amazon, choose the best SEO packages in India that suit your needs and demands. 

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