Adobe’s New Application “Animate CC” Brings More for Technology Lovers

Adobe has officially launched its new application “Animate CC”, which was previously known Flash Professional CC. Major component in the creative cloud application suite, Animate CC, is the latest version of Adobe’s animation tool for web and is available to download now.

Animation is one of the hottest trends of today’s technology world and launch of this new application by Adobe is something that every techie should know.

Animate CC will support all kinds of animation jobs including banner ads, micro-interactions and interactive infographics. If anyone is in animation industry and spends time putting together animated dribble shots, app prototypes or just want to design something in motion, Animate CC is really valuable for you.

What’s New in Adobe’s New Animate CC?

With the introduction of Animate CC, Adobe has not just changed the name but has included a number of new features in the tool. The main highlights are the new features such as Creative Cloud libraries support, expanded Typekit, Adobe stock integration and SVG support in this Adobe’s New Animate CC. Finally, Adobe is connecting the app to Creative Cloud.

The major update is the ability to resize the tool, anchoring content to any position. Another significant update in Adobe’s New Animate CC is the users can now export files for multiple resolutions which is really invaluable for bitmap work. The animators will be able to export their videos in 4K even with this newly launched Animate CC. Also, the new application introduces new vector drawing tools which allows you to get creative again.

One more reason to cheer for the techie’s is the launch of Adobe’s new version of Muse CC. Basically, Muse CC is the design tool to build websites without any coding required. With this newly launched version, the tool now enables the designers to build responsive sites which was the only major lacking feature in Muse till now.