A Failsafe Strategy to Grow Organic Search Traffic by 436%

About the project

Camp Lee Mar is a leader in providing children of various needs with well-structured summer programs to focus on their overall growth and development. Their programs can vary from six months to one week and overnight. While they offer services to all children, their primary focus is kids with special needs. They are known for ultimate security at the campus and well-trained counselors to assist children in their daily needs. 

Given their excellent amenities, Camp Lee Mar has acclaimed a reputation as the best vacation camp provider for children in the United States. In the year 2020, they experienced a less number of children attending summer or vacation camps. One of the reasons for this sudden decrease was the pandemic. Understandably, we all have been there. 

  • Client’s needs and requirements 

Since Camp Lee Mar offers summer and holiday programs for all children, their prime concern was to attract more kids to enroll in their summer program. In addition to this, they were looking to improve blog searches. They wanted to target leads from all across the United States. The priorities of Camp Lee Mar regarding growth metrics are given below: 

  • More website traffic paid, organic, and referral 
  • Better conversion rate and enrollment 
  • Improved content optimization
  • Gain brand authority in the industry
  • How did we create a result-driven digital marketing strategy?

At SoftProdigy, we house a team of experts with years of experience, expertise, and in-depth knowledge in digital marketing. Before implementing a digital marketing strategy for Camp Lee Mar, our marketers first studied their current ranking on search engines, website views, click and other engagements, and bounce rate. In addition to this, we evaluated the reasons behind their increased bounce rate and what type of digital marketing strategy they used before. 

Softprodigies, digital marketing strategy

However, there were a few challenges, like we needed to create a fool-proof strategy because Camp Lee Mar had significantly fewer page views, website users, and a high bounce rate. Once our marketers understood the client’s needs and goals, they proactively started to work on a digital marketing strategy. We began with a comprehensive content marketing strategy to target the most searched keywords and phrases. It also covered the following aspects of digital marketing, such as:

  • Blog writing (2-3 posts per week)
  • Article submission, analytics, and insight 
  • SEO marketing to increase traffic quantity and quality 
  • Backline research and creation 
  • Building brand profile
  • Implementation of the digital marketing strategy 

To ensure the best return on our digital marketing efforts, we first learned what our client’s competitors were doing, and accordingly, we set our goals.

Softprodigy's SEO strategy

We categorized our SEO strategy into the following:

  • Content marketing – The website pages of Camp Lee Mar didn’t have any SEO or content optimization, so we implemented powerful content strategies. We covered everything, from content creation to optimization, promotion, analytics, and insight. 
  • Search marketing – Since the client wanted to improve their website’s online visibility and engagements, we undertook comprehensive keyword research. It is because we wanted to target the keywords based on customer research and the latest trends. As a result, we attracted more visitors and it resulted in more conversions. 
  • Building Authority – Apart from this, our client wanted to develop leadership in the industry. Using our creative link-building strategies, we helped them reach their goal. 
Targeted location traffic
  • What tools did we use?
    Given our research, client’s goals, and SEO strategies, we utilized numerous tools in the digital marketing process. Some of them are: 
    • Google Analytics – It helps in tracking and reporting website traffic and digital marketing campaign ROI. 
    • Ahrefs – It is a comprehensive SEO tool. It helps in finding out common SEO issues, monitoring competitors, improving backlinks, and SEO performance. 
    • Moz – We used this tool to improve the ranking, determine technical issues, evaluate the right keywords, and increase customers. 
    • Search console tool – The search console tool has been a great help throughout the implementation of digital marketing strategy. It helped us measure the website’s traffic, performance, and monitor and resolve issues. 
  • Results achieved 
    Thanks to our team’s continuing digital marketing efforts and acquired skills, we implemented our SEO strategies successfully. We received remarkable outcomes within 6 months. It includes an improved click-through rate (CTR) and blog traffic. Let us have a look at the results we obtained: 
SEO strategies successfully
    • Growth in number of users increased by 323.64%
    • Increase in number of new users by 326.50%
    • Page views increased by 286.21%
    • Increase in the sessions by 292.80%
    • The bounce rate decreased by -1.87% 

Organic Search Traffic by 436%
    • Organic search increased from 2,186 to 11,731
    • Direct traffic reached  3,016 from 7,269
    • Referral traffic jumped from 1,260to 1,959
    • Traffic from social media increased from 238 to 1,203

The bottom line 

With our results-driven digital marketing strategyand skilled professionals, Camp Lee Mar witnessed an increase in the number of users by 323.64% within 6 months. Most traffic was generated organically through social media and referrals. So, it means the obtained leads and new users are quality and genuine. They are more likely to turn into loyal customers. 

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