6 Terrible App Store Optimization Mistakes to Avoid

There is no point in talking about the mistakes to avoid in app store optimization if you don’t know what it actually means. So, let’s discuss what app store optimization is.

After a mobile application is developed, a journey begins to make it visible, organically.  App store optimization (ASO) is the process, through which an application is optimized to maximize its visibility in the app store.

Many other strategic online marketing services are being provided by experts to achieve the set targets. However, app store optimization serves the best to gain results organically as it involves certain steps and benchmarks, which are exceedingly promising in the saturated app market.

App Store Optimization- A Critical Aspect of Mobile App Marketing

Although the steps can be performed without much trouble yet there are some mistakes that ruin the efforts made. If we are aware of these common mistakes in advance then avoiding them to some extent becomes easier. So, keeping that in mind, we have drafted a list of 6 common and terrible mistakes to avoid during app store optimization.

Continue reading as we have explained them one by one:

Keyword Stuffing

Once you know the importance of keywords, you start putting all your efforts to add them in your content without thinking whether it is making sense or not. Keyword stuffing is a mistake that marketers usually make in order to achieve high rankings. Rather than stuffing keywords, you must focus on keeping the title and description of the app relevant and natural.

Rapid Changes in the Title

This mistake becomes a reason you lose most of your prospects! This is because while spreading the word about your application, people give you app’s name and if someone from the audience comes out to have a look at it and the name is different, they would leave the page in a fraction of seconds.

Ignoring Graphic Elements

You are wrong if you feel that gaining traffic for your mobile application is what you should aim for. Well, this is not just enough as the aim is to increase the number of downloads. Visual elements play a vital role in it and if you create a pleasing and attractive design that catches every eye, consider 50% of your worn done! Since icon is one of the first things people notice, start your app store optimization services with it. Don’t ignore the graphic elements.

Giving Preference to only High-volume Keywords

Does your app store Optimization Company focus on high-volume keywords? It’s good if they are doing that but have you ever thought that your competitors are also doing the same thing? Then how will you make a difference? Go for keywords with high-volume but less competition. Ask you marketers to sort a list and add mid to high-volume keywords to it.

3 Tips to Successfully Market Your App

Not Running Tests to Improve Results

There are many helpful features in the app stores, which allow you to measure various aspects and their impacts. But still, some marketers don’t take advantage of it. Whereas running tests helps to make several adjustments accordingly and prevents future setbacks.

Not Localizing Your App

If you are not localizing your app then targeting a wider market seems impossible. Since you are choosing a wider market that goes beyond your geographical boundary, you need to make the language updates. Prepare a list of languages of the country where you are targeting to improve your installs and downloads.

I hope, you have now understood the mistakes that need to be avoided during the process of ASO. To know more about app store optimization, get in touch with us as we are the best app store optimization agency in India, serving clients across the globe. If you have not started optimizing your application yet, start now by keeping the points shared above in mind or hire an online marketer to get the job done!