6 Easy Steps to Recover Websites From Google Fred Penalty

Have you heard anything about Fred? No-No we are not talking about Freddie The Flintstones, a famous cartoon series. Fred is actually a new Google algorithm. The largest search engine in the world has created this algorithm for tightening grip its grip on websites using black-hat SEO practices. But you need not worry as this algorithm targets websites offering only one of the following, advice professional SEO service providers:

  • 1. Huge number of Advertisements
  • 2. Content not offering valuable and meaningful information that users are looking for.
  • 3. Presence of too many affiliate links in content.
  • 4. Content quality below industry specific standards and websites.
  • 5. UX barriers
  • 6. Website is not mobile friendly.
  • 7. Thin content
  • 8. Deceptive advertisements (These are advertisements that appear to be a download for tricking visitors into clicking)

This new Google algorithm has seriously shaken the core of businesses spending buckets full of dollars on search engine optimization packages. In simple words, Google Police will arrest your website for violating its Fred algorithm guidelines.

An Important Question to Seek Answer to:

Is there any way to get rid of Google Fred Penalty? If Google Police has arrested your website for violating its Fred algorithm guidelines, this must not be the only question striking in your mind. You must be thinking about restoring your website’s ranking in the search engine result pages. The traffic lost by your website is another thing that must give you sleepless nights.

Like all other problems in this world, this one also has solution. Companies delivering search engine optimization packages can help your website recover from this Google penalty. As for reason, SEO professionals working for them keep themselves fully educated about following important things:

  • 1. A sorts of Google algorithm Updates
  • 2. Google webmaster guidelines
  • 3. Latest SEO practices and tactics.

But in-case you want to recover your website from Google Fred, here is the process to follow:

Process to Recover Website From Google Fred Penalty:

Bailing-out a website penalized by Google Fred algorithm is time consuming process. This is why all companies delivering professional SEO services advise you to work strategically and take the following steps:

Make Your Website’s Design Visually Appealing:

This is the first step you need take for climbing the ladder. How? Here is the process:

  • 1. Know your target audience and identify their visual preferences on your competitor’s website.
  • 2. Make a check list of everything that engages your target audience on competitors’ websites.
  • 3. Identify everything found visually appealing by your target audience.

Heat Mapping and Click Tracking can help you in this process. All major IT companies use Heat Mapping and Click Tracking to know what the way their visitors engage with the design of their website design and what they like or dislike.

Multivariate your web design’s testing is also a good option it helps get stats about everything users like or dislike about your website’s design.

Offer High Quality Content:

Flooding website with a lot of content does not guarantee high ranking in SERPs. The quality of your website’s content matters. This is why professionals delivering SEO services advise you to make your website home to content of very high quality.

  • 1. Your website’s content must be 100% original and based on based on unique topics.
  • 2. Your web content must be valuable and informative for users landing on your website.
  • 3. Get rid of all low quality (Low DA/PA) hyperlinks in your content.
  • 4. Don’t just make your website home to commercial content only.
  • 5. As modern day users prefer consuming video content, affordable SEO packages providers. advise you to transcribe videos into text. All in all, getting a YouTube Channel may help.
  • 6. Leverage social media websites and apps like Facebook, Google+, and Instagram etc. for driving real people (traffic) to your website.
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Monitor Website Traffic Constantly:

That’s right! Website traffic is like investment in share market. Share market is volatile. Latest updates decide the growth or downfall of your investment in share market. Similarly, the traffic of your website keeps in increasing and decreasing on daily basis. Only one particular thing does not decide the traffic your website will receive. A number of factors are collective responsible for it. For example:

  • 1. Web Design
  • 2. Page Load Time
  • 3. Call-To-Action Function
  • 4. The Quality and originality of content available on website.
  • 5. The quality of navigation system

This list, in the books of professionals providing SEO services, is not limited to the factors listed above. In-case you notice sudden unusual drop in your website’s traffic or ranking in SERPs, it is the high you should make adjustments in your website accordingly. You can use the following tools for monitoring the traffic of your website:

  • 1. Google Analytics (Premium)
  • 2. Clicky Analytics
  • 3. Piwik
  • 4. Adobe analytics Cloud
  • 5. Kissmetrics
  • 6. Open Web Analytics

Audit Advertisements on Available on Your Site:

You need to check ad ratio of ads to content on your website. Google does not provide any specific list of best practices in this regard. But Google provides certain information in this regard on its official blog. This information is about Google’s page layout algorithm. Google uses this algorithm for penalizing pages for having excessive number of advertisements.

You are advised to stay miles away from placing ads in your content. Also be careful about dofollow ads as such ads are used as a part of black-hat SEO practices. Always place nofollow ads on your website.

Build High Quality Backlinks Only:

Stay away from websites with low DA (Domain Authority), PA (Page Authority) and High Alexa Rank. You can use MOZ Open Site Explorer to check the DA/PA of any website. Website with High DA/PA are good for linking your website to. For check Alexa Rank of any website, Google’s Alexa Rank Checker Tool is good.

Follow All Google Webmaster Guidelines:

Once you start the recover process, Google Webmaster will issue some guidelines to help you recover your website’s lost ranking in SERPs. Following these guidelines will also help your website regain the lost traffic. In this process, be sure to remove everything that Google does not like. Promise Google not to repeat the same mistake as this world’s largest search engine can also ban your website permanently for repeating the same mistakes.

Final Words:

In-case you don’t have enough time and money to carry-out this process at your own, don’t worry! We have got your back! We are one of the best companies offering search engine optimization packages. We know the best SEO practices preferred by the Google Webmaster. We have trick in our kitty to make sure your website recovers quickly and without much cost.

Get in touch with us right now and get the most affordable SEO packages your website needs to regain the lost traffic and its ranking in SERPs.

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