5 Ways in Which Laravel Improves Your Web App Development Efforts

Laravel PHP framework is a relatively new and an exceptionally useful innovation to hit the software development world. It is specially designed to allow custom web development by following the MVC pattern. It was developed by Taylor Otwell in the year 2011 and has seen a steady growth in popularity among PHP frameworks owing to its extremely agile development approach. 

A Laravel development company is preferred for the amazing benefits and robust features that it offers businesses that wish to create robust apps as well as websites in a stable and quick manner. The software applications developed by hiring an expert Laravel developer are not only incredibly easy to maintain and upgrade with the help of a modular and extensible code, but also relatively easy to understand for expert and amateur developers alike. 

What is Laravel Framework and How It Came Into Being?

Based on Symfony, Laravel is an open-source framework that is designed to create applications using the MVC architectural pattern. It offers an exceptional API that makes it stand out from the rest of the frameworks and makes it the developer’s favourite. It has evolved extensively since 2011 when it was first launched. Various upgraded versions and new features are added to the framework every year. Laravel 1 and Laravel 2 were mostly designed to act as an alternative to Codelgniter and were complete with built-in support for essential functions such as authentication, localization, routing, page views, etc. 

With the release of Laravel 3, the platform rose to its current popularity and acquired a substantial user base. The new features added include a command-line interface, great support for database management systems, and many more. The latest version, Laravel 7, was released in March 2020 and offered the most current features in web and app development like Laravel Airlock, route model binding improvements, fluent string, blade component tags, etc. 

How Laravel Contributes to Web App Development?

Web app development is an ever-evolving field where new innovations are released by the minute. While each of these innovations has something unique to offer, very few make the cut to become developers’ favourites. Laravel is one such innovation which got released not more than a decade ago and took the web app development world by the storm. It quickly climbed the charts to become most developers’ choice. It continues to grow and become better through its series of upgrades.

Ways in which Laravel contributes in web app development

The following are the benefits of hiring a Laravel developer and the major reasons for the growing popularity of the framework:

1. Authentication and Authorization Systems

Hiring a Laravel development company offers a great and extremely straightforward solution that allows implementation of authentication. It helps developers conveniently organize authorization logic and control the entry to a resource database. These points ensure that no unauthorized user gains an access to the secure paid resources. 

2. Swift Web App Development by Enabling Integration with Tools

The most tempting aspect of Laravel for developers is its ability to speed up the development process and shortening the length before the app can be marketed. The default configuration for Laravel is set to using the file cache driver, which makes it ideal for small projects. However, several cache configurations can be constructed and Laravel can be used for large projects as well.

3. Extremely Secure Solution that Solves Common Technical Vulnerabilities

Security concerns plague every project, including web apps. Laravel is known for its top-grade cybersecurity measures for web apps. These measures offer the best protection against the most critical security vulnerabilities which include the SQL injection, cross-site request forgery, cross-site scripting, and more. Laravel is infinitely more secure when compared to other frameworks in its league. It boasts of a closely guarded codebase, which is vetted by the community of developers and project managers.

4. Quick and Easy Integration with Mailing Service

When web apps are integrated with mail services, it enables the users of the apps to receive email notifications for various activities like successful registration, important announcements, promotional offers and discounts, and many more. Laravel offers a great API, which is not only straightforward, but also complete with latest features. It allows any app built on it to send email alerts via a cloud-based service instantly. Laravel is also able to support notifications received through other channels like SMS or Slack.

5. Configuration Error Handling

Error handling is a very important feature that has a significant impact on the user experience provided by the app. The response provided by a software goes a long way in predicting users’ satisfaction quotient, the app’s performance, and usability. Users tend to enter incorrect information in data forms, which results in errors. In such cases, the program needs to give out an alert via an informative error message. If this step is not included, the user might conclude that the app is faulty and stop using it. Laravel enables new projects to be configured with error as well as exception handling features.

Laravel is without a doubtone of the most powerful PHP frameworks available today for web application development. When compared to its peers, it stands out by a mile. A number of businesses have benefitted from their decision to hire a dedicated Laravel developer to create their app in 2021. The framework has helped the best Laravel development companies to speed up development process for individual projects and increase their bandwidth for taking on additional workload without increasing team size. If you’re looking to build an exceptional web app, it will be prudent to hire an expert Laravel developer and leverage the excellent features of the framework to provide your audience with the best functionality as well as user experience.