5 Reasons 21st Century Startups Must Embrace Blockchain For Business Growth

Blockchain has quickly cemented itself as the hottest financial technology trend of the 21st century. The application of Blockchain is revolutionizing every industry in the world. That’s why many 21st century startups want to hire Blockchain developers in India. But Why? How does it benefit startups? This is a tricky question in itself. A lot of people are searching online in this regard. But not much informative and meaningful articles in this regard are doing rounds on the internet. According to the professionals associated with the best Blockchain software development companies, startups should use Blockchain for the following solid reasons:

Customers’ Data Security:

This is the most important reason for startups to include Blockchain in their business revenue model. Your existing, as well as targeted customers, don’t want you to compromise on the security of their private information. That’s exactly what centralized businesses and social media platforms don’t bother about.

Why Blockchain Technology Has Quickly Become The Spine of Online Retail Stores

Blockchain keeps their customers’ vital information safe as a secret. More importantly, it puts their customers in control of their vital information. That’s exactly what modern customers expect from every startup. In this way, their customers’ trust grows in them. Therefore, it is a solid reason for startups to hire Blockchain developers in India.

A Medium of Organic Traffic Generation:

A lot of Blockchain based online discussion platforms are now emerging these days. These Blockchain based platforms could be platform startups need for seeking organic traffic to their website. It is because these Blockchain based platforms are getting a lot of traffic. The whole credit goes to their policy of monetizing produced by their users. Therefore, these users post content on these platforms that are meaningful and informative for many people. Those readers could land on your website to get converted into the leads your business needs. This is another big reason for startups to hire the best Blockchain software development companies for business growth.

Massive Financial Saving:

Financial funding is always a problem for startups. Entrepreneurs need financial support and backup to carry forward their business operations without any hassles. Therefore, they have to spend every single penny wisely and carefully. It is because a penny saved is a penny earned. Startup owners have to understand this. That’s exactly where Blockchain comes to their rescue. It could be utilized as a medium to compensate employees for their contribution to the growth of the organization. Many startups seek the services of remote workers. Some of them pay in the form of Bitcoin. Keeping this in mind, entrepreneurs must think about paying their remote workers in the form of Bitcoin. This move could significantly lower the cost of payroll processing for them. A lot more positive things can happen for startups.

For Example:

1) Time consumed in the transfer of money from one country to another or from one bank to another will reduce significantly.
2) Payroll processing service providers can circumvent the cost of money transfer fee.
3) Payment in the form of Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) can save a lot of money for you as well as your employees.

This is another huge reason for you to hire Blockchain developers in India for your startup’s growth.

Revenue Generation:

Blockchain can help your startup on this front also. There are some online discussion platforms that you can utilize as a financial backup. That’s right! Steem.IO is a perfect example of it. It is an online discussion platform like Quora. But it is somewhat different from Quora. You can create your own account and answer questions to earn Cryptocurrency that can be converted into real currency.

SoftProdigy – A Hand to Count on For The Best Steem Blockchain Development Services

Just create your account, get it verified, answer the questions and get paid for the number of UpVotes it receives. The best answer gets the biggest share of bounty declared by the question asker. In case your answer is not the best answer, even then you will get paid to some extent for your efforts. The inclusion of Blockchain’s application in revenue generation strategy will also help your startup save a plenty of money. That’s right! Blockchain offers nearly 300 times more cloud storage as compared to the traditional cloud storage services. The cost doesn’t shoot up like your blood pressure. So, what are you waiting for? Get up and hire the best Blockchain software development company for your startup’s growth.

Smart Contracts:

These contracts are unbreakable. Nowadays, governments in all parts of the world are coming up with rules and regulations to regulate Cryptocurrency transactions. This is where smart contracts prove their metal. Smart contracts are actually a good medium to lower the cost for a subset of financial transactions carried out.

To Conclude:

A startup owner now has a plenty of solid reasons to opt for Blockchain to grow his/her business. The Blockchain is the future and key to startups’ growth and success in the time to come. Are you thinking about it? Fine! Call us right now! We are one of the best Blockchain software development companies in the world. We have also successfully carried out hundreds of projects related to Steem Blockchain.