5 Legit Things Android Phones Do That iPhone Can’t

It’s a never-ending bout between android and iOS! Since years, the mobile users, reviewers, gadget freaks, and tech bloggers have been battling over the question as to which OS is best for mobile phones – Android or iOS.

The debate still goes on and it will, till the end of time! But when we see both these technologies today, we can witness that both the operating systems have greatly evolved since years.

Where android is getting faster and more advanced, iOS is also seeking flexibility and adaptability. Thus, it’s still a backbreaker to decide on which mobile operating system is the best.

However, there are a few things that make android phones better than the iPhones. That is why there is a great demand for an android app development service provider.

Below is the list of the 5 legit things that android phones do but iPhones can’t:

  1. 1. Battery Changing And Charging

An iPhone doesn’t come with a removable back panel. All the machinery of these mobile phones are pack-sealed within the phone’s body which is not the case with most of the android phones.

These android phones have a removable back. The battery of the android phone is thus accessible and removable. If there is an issue with your android phone’s battery, it can be replaced or even if you require a phone battery with more power, you can easily get it replaced.

Also, the android phone can be easily charged with any USB cable, but for iPhone, you require the specialized changer only.

A number of android app development services providers have also built android apps that boost your battery power by putting your phone on power saving mode, which cannot be done in iPhones.

  1. 2. Flexible Storage Options

The memory capacity of an iPhone is one of the features considered while the user purchases the phone.

Even the price of an iPhone is based on this feature. This is because the iPhone storage cannot be altered. If you’ve bought an iPhone that has a memory capacity of 32 GB, then 32 GB it is! Nothing less or more!

With android phones, you can get a number of options for your phone’s storage. The memory capacity is inbuilt but it can be expanded with the help of a Micro SD card. So you can double or triple your phone’s storage capacity, as you like!

  1. 3. Multi-Window Option

With so many apps, games, and widgets, your phone can be full of clutter. The more apps or games you install, the harder it gets to manage them in a go.

This problem has been looked into and resolved by android first! And so, the new android mobile phones come with the multi-window options. The latest Nougat version of android enables multi-tasking in every android device.

You can thus, open multiple apps within one screen and get rid of the mess or inconvenience.

If you’re looking forward to getting the best customized android apps or games compatible for the multi-window feature, you can seek the help of the best android app development company.

  1. 4. Personalization

The best thing offered by android phones is the option of personalization which has completely gone AWOL in iPhone.

It takes a toll on your system function and data if you delete the inbuilt iPhone apps and so, the option is often looked over by the users. On the other hand, in the android phones, there is an option to disable or update the inbuilt apps.

Moreover, a lot of personalization options are available in android phones, like newer and better versions of apps, numerous options of widgets, launcher applications, keyboard themes, lock screen options, and what not. So, your android phone can easily be personalized as and when required.

If you want to get some personalized android apps developed, you can get the same with the help of an expert android app development services provider.

  1. 5. Free Apps And Games

For gamers, android is the only answer! Android phones allow you an access to numerous free games and apps. Also, the games available with android phones are known to give a better user experience.

These apps are easy to install and with the better processors of android phones, they even run faster. Thus, enabling better UX.

The games for iPhones are generally not free and are not easily available. There are certain mobile games and apps that are paid for iOS while they’re available for free for android.

You can get your custom-made android apps with the help of a competent android app development company.

With these points, it has been proven that android phones work better than iPhones in some ways. But there is still no denying the fact that iPhone’s high-quality and feature-rich technology has stood strong in the market for years.

To conclude, we can say that both these technologies are doing great as time is passing by. With newer approaches and betterment in technology, both the platforms are getting more user-friendly and making life much easier!