5 Debugging PHP Tools Every Developer Needs in 2022

Historically, debugging is known as one of the fiddling processes of web development. After all, it was time-consuming and challenging for developers.

There have been instances when developers found themselves debugging the code for several days. It is frustrating to keep working on the same thing again and again with no desired result. We all have been there.

PHP developers resort to hacks and tactics to deal with debugging issues for a long time. But finally, we have the solution, thanks to debugging PHP tools. If you do not want any delays, hire a PHP developer with a skill set of debugging tools.

Why do I need these tools? What difference could they make? Are they effective and pocket-friendly? It is usual for such questions to pop up in your mind before adopting anything new. Let us find out answers to your questions below.

  • Why is it essential to use debugging PHP tools?

As mentioned already, programmers used to use tactics for debugging. So, why did they start using tools? Unlike hacks, debugging tools allow on-site and freelance PHP developers to identify errors at each stage. From compile-time to runtime, these tools ensure a faster and hassle-free debugging process. In addition to this, your developer can stop the program execution and check the code for any errors.

  • Top debugging tools PHP developers need in 2022
    • Krumo
    • Kint
    • Pinba
    • Xdebug
    • PHP DebugBar

Now, you know the importance of debugging tools in PHP development. It is time to explore them all one by one.

PHP Debugging Tools
  • Krumo

    Krumo is one of the popular debugging tools. It allows PHP programming to display well-constructed information for any variable. While Krumo is an alternative to print_r() and var_dump(), it uses CSS/HTML/JS to display information. The following are some excellent features of this debugging tool.

    • It presents structured and organized information via the stack.
    • Developers can use this tool to add variables to a stack with a simple function call.
    • It uses CSS and DHTML to print out a stack of variables to make it more human-readable.

    Caution! Like any other tool and technology, Krumo is not free from disadvantages. For example, heavy HTML comes at a high memory cost. Plus, it is too flexible because of its hardcode.

  • Kint

    It is a modern, robust debugging tool designed to present information about variables and traces. Kint comes with an easy-to-understand debugging process, thanks to its collapsible format.

    One of the primary reasons for its popularity is that users get debug results at their convenience. Compared to other tools, developers can use Kint easily because it runs on libraries. You can also avail yourself of remote debugging with this tool. Here is a quick highlight of its incredible features.

    • It allows automated detection and formatting of CLI.
    • You can dump variables easily and quickly.
    • It displays every detail of the variable you want to discard.
    • Hassle-free integration with the Debug Bar plugin.

    Besides this, you might face some drawbacks using Kint. Firstly, it is not easy to match up. Secondly, you need a good connection with a remote server whenever you access the code.

  • Pinba

    Rather than a debugging tool, it is more appropriate to call Pinba a MySQL plugin. It is a free real-time monitoring server that allows PHP developers to track the performance of PHP scripts and locate bottlenecks. Below, we have listed features of Pinba that make it an excellent debugging tool.

    • It produces more precise stats and reports, thanks to its read-only interface.
    • With Pinba, you receive more human-readable statistics.
  • Xdebug

    It is a PHP extension that offers countless features to boost PHP development. For this reason, it is listed among the leading PHP debugging tools. It provides stack traces, good debugging support, code scope, and profiling. Given its reliability and ease of use, Xdebug is recommended for beginners. Most developers resort to this tool for troubleshooting a problem with an unknown cause. Some of its features are:

    • It supports most modern IDE.
    • It allows proactive debugging during PHP development.
    • You can include conditional breakpoints at any given point to check your application’s state.
  • PHP DebugBar

    PHP DebugBar is known as the best PHP debugging tool. Why? It works well with any project while displaying your application’s profiling data. But what makes it an ideal debugging tool?

    • It comes with a fast and easy-to-use interface.
    • It manages AJAX requests efficiently.
    • With PHP DebugBar, you can create your collectors and associated view.

In closing

Debugging code to identify errors is not an easy task. Often, even proficient developers do not know what to do and where to start. However, these tools have made PHP debugging more convenient than ever. When you hire a PHP programmer, make sure they are familiar with debugging tools and extensions.

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  1. What do you mean by errors in PHP?

Errors in PHP development are referred to as mistakes in the PHP code. These errors could be a missing semicolon, calling a wrong variable, etc.

  1. Is it possible to run Vscode in PHP?

Yes, you can Vscode in PHP. It is an excellent editing tool for PHP development with numerous features. These are bracket matching, syntax highlighting, and more.

  1. How much do PHP debugging tools cost?

In most cases, developers can access PHP debugging tools without paying fees. This is because these tools are free and open-source.

  1. Which debugging tool is the most user-friendly?

While all PHP debugging tools are great, Xdebug is preferable for good reasons. It is user-friendly and offers one-step debugging.

  1. What are the debugging tools you can use for Firefox?

There are multiple tools available for debugging PHP in Firefox. Some of the most common are Firebug, Xdebug, FirePHP, etc.

  1. What are the advantages of using PHP debugging tools?

Tools like Krumo, Kint, and Xdebug make the PHP debugging process faster, precise, and hassle-free.