4 Ways Twitters 280 Character Limit will Benefit Your Business

Now get ready to welcome giant-sized tweets on your twitter handle. Twitter, a famous micro-blogging platform, has now made tweets limited to 140 characters a thing of past for users and social media marketing companies. Now all they will get 280 characters to write their tweets.

This move by twitter has raised many questions in the mind of users and companies delivering digital marketing services. For example?

  • 1. Why has Twitter taken this step?
  • 2. Was it necessary for Twitter to survive?
  • 3. Is it going to turn the fortunes of this struggling micro-blogging platform?
  • 4. How 280 character limit will impact businesses their marketing budget and ROI?

If you are a business owner or a company providing strategic internet marketing company then you would like to seek answer to last question mentioned above. But to understand the answer to the fourth question mentioned above, you need to seek answer to first three questions mentioned above and understand Twitter’s logic behind taking this decision.

Let’s get to the point below:

  • 1. Why has Twitter Taken This Step?
  • 2. Twitter carried out a research and noticed English language users getting frustrated with 140 character limit for tweeting. They had to edit their initial thoughts and exhaust their brain to fit them within 140 characters, said Twitter on its official handle.
  • 3. The micro-blogging site wants users to do more and be more expressive in their tweets.
  • 4. The company does not want users to spend much in editing their tweets.

This is another possible reason Twitter has taken this decision. But the character limit for users of other language such as Korean, Japanese and Chinese etc. will still be limited to 140 characters. These languages convey more information within less number of characters.

  • Was it Necessary for Twitter to Survive?

The company is constantly struggling to get new and real users. This social media platform has now become home to many fake accounts. This thing is really affecting the popularity of Twitter among social media websites. A lot of reports doing rounds on internet about Twitter agree with this fact.

Coming to the point, is it going to help Twitter get new life? Going by the opinion of Mr. Lance Ulanoff, a popular technology and social media commentator and editor-at-large of Mashable , a big “No’ is the simplest answer to this question. Twitter character limit increased to 280 will make messages unnecessarily lengthy and meaningless, says he.

But Mr. Jack Dorsey, The CEO of Twitter, finds 280 character long tweets a way to get more users and engage with the site and tweets more. According to a report of Mr. Jack Morse, a Mashable Writer, only 1% people are now exhausting their brain while composing their tweets to fit within the character limit, says Twitter.

  • Is It Going to Turn the Fortunes of This Struggling Micro-blogging Platform?

If experts are to be believed, improvement in Twitter’s fortunes with character limit increased to 280 is distant dream. As a reason, users want write less and convey more. Talking about the readers, they too come to twitter for getting meaningful information in less words. On the other hand, the company is very positive in this regard.

  • How 280 character limit will impact businesses their marketing budget and ROI?

Let’s now talk business! Are 280 character long tweets going to affect ROI and the marketing budget of businesses? This is a huge question in-front of many social media marketing companies all over the world now.

  • 1. Almost 9% tweets everyday hit the character limit 140 before Twitter increased it up to 280 characters. This has allowed users to be more expressive in their tweets. They can show more creativity.
  • 2. Businesses and strategic internet marketing companies will now be able to add full information in their tweets that matters the most for their targeted market.
  • 3. This move by Twitter will definitely add to the customer base and ROI of businesses on digital front. As for reason, their targeted customers will get complete information about everything in just a single thread.
  • 4. It will allow your targeted and existing customers to question you about your product and services more open and in detail.
  • 5. Most importantly, social media marketing companies have welcomed 280 Tweet character limit as they will able to turn their clients’ business into brands by getting more organic traffic on their website. This could be possible when they will tweet or retweet and attach their tweets to trending Hashtags.

The Bottom Line:

Twitter has doubled character limit to 280. Now if your business is struggling to get its presence noticed on Twitter or anywhere on internet, we have got your back!

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