4 Ways Internet of Things Will Revolutionize How Businesses Strategize their Marketing

Have you heard of the term “internet of things”? Did you wonder how it will affect your business? And, if you think IoT is a thing of future and there is no need to make any considerations now, then you are mistaken. IoT projects are already here and affecting businesses worldwide.
Still confused what is internet of things applications? The answer is here
It is a simple technology that works on internet to make objects send and receive data. Though you may have not realized, it is already around you- the best example is your smartwatch that lets you monitor your health and the Nespresso machine, you can set to make your choice tempting coffee. The internet of things applications is not just limited to small extent, the big names such as Rolls Royce, Disney World are using IoT products.
A number of professional internet of things companies believe that the technology can bring numerous benefits to the businesses. Also, they predict that companies who plan to avoid IoT projects will be lagging behind their competitors in the coming time. As IoT is a connection of physical objects such as electronic appliances, mobile devices etc. embedded with sensors and internet connectivity which allow transmission of data. Certainly, this new technology is going to revitalize our lives and revolutionize the way businesses strategize their marketing.
Here are 4 ways internet of things will revolutionize how businesses strategize their marketing-

  • 1. Rise in conversational queries– Gone are the days when people used to type keywords to look for information on Google. Nowadays, people are opting conversational queries. The main reason of this shift from keyword search to conversation queries is because the digital assistants are capable of accepting, interpreting and responding to vocally-input user queries. And, as IoT technology advances and becomes common in homes, keyboard entries will disappear. So, to strategize a marketing plan to market your business digitally, you need to incorporate internet of things applications and optimize your website and mobile apps to reach your target customers.
  • 2. Updating new technology– For any business to fully benefit from an IoT application, investment in IoT-enabled devices such as mobiles, appliances and software is required, say experienced mobile app development companies. It is seen to be a significant investment, but internet of things companies mark it an investment which would bring a significant ROI. According to Gartner Inc., “there will be 6.4 billion IoT devices online by the end of this year. This shows a significant increase from previous years. Also, it is believed that by 2020, it will be about 20.8 billion.” Also, it has been found that microchips with built-in sensors and wireless connectivity are getting cheaper.
  • 3. Website optimization will no longer be limited to Google– Since Google is considered the most dominant search engine in the present time. But, with IoT application, the website optimization will also see a drastic change. Google will not be the only search engine that you need to worry about during online marketing and web development. People will also use IoT to look for information and mobile app development companies tell businesses to focus on both IoT and Google when optimizing their websites.
  • 4. New challenges in online security– Implementing internet of things applications will bring a number of positive and beneficial changes but it brings along a number of challenges too. And, the most terrifying and possible downside is the online security. As you know IoT will work over an internet connection so it will be easily susceptible to hacking. We have already heard about the instances about drones which can be taken over mid-flight and potential for internet of things enabled devices pacemakers to be turned off. Moreover, research reveals that malware can be installed on IoT devices which will affect their functioning and makes it prone to data loss. So, professionally experienced and best enterprise mobility solutions providers suggest the businesses who use IoT devices to employ robust security features that will not only protect their systems but also acts as a protective wall for customer data as well.

The IoT projects and products are already making a significant impact on how businesses are operating. Moreover, research reveals this will increase rapidly and more and more people will be consider internet of things applications in their everyday life. Understanding what IoT technology is and what changes it will bring will help you strategize a perfecting marketing plan for your website and rise above the competitors.