4 Surefire Tips for a Strong Email Marketing Game of Your Startup

You know what’s depressing?

Drafting a perfect email for your email marketing campaign and getting close to zero click-through actions on it. That’s depressing!

No matter how well you craft your email, how many edits you make, or how well you structure your sentences, things just don’t work out! Especially when you’re conscripting a plan for growing a startup, things might get disappointing.

Why does that happen? Well, there might be different reasons for different businesses. Setting the ‘why’ aside, let us focus on the ‘how’ factor more.

How can you bring more response to the emails in your email marketing campaign? If you’re seeking information in this regard, we’re here!

Read on for the 5 amazing tips that will help you run a successful email marketing campaign:

  1. 1. One Email, One Message

One thing that the experts delivering the top email marketing services follow, is to mention one topic in one email.

Don’t wander around and squander your opportunity. Be straightforward with the message that you’re trying to deliver and don’t add too many messages within one email.

For instance, if you own a startup and want to promote your services through an email marketing campaign, don’t bombard all your audience with all your services. Differentiate your audience on the basis of their needs and priorities and reach them with the service that they’re most interested in.

If you’re new to the concept of email marketing, you can hire the experts providing startup solutions in launching the high-quality email marketing campaigns.

  1. 2. Choose The Timings Accordingly

Unfortunately, there is no perfect time for executing your email campaign to all your audience at once! Even if you choose the best email marketing company you are unable to frame a perfect schedule to send emails to your audience.

The target audience of a business is usually divided in different categories based on demographics, occupation, interest, etc. Based on these differences, the time of accessing their emails also differ for different people.

A study shows that the email open rates for a software company are better during the afternoon, whereas for a marketing company the morning time is considered as good! To find the best time for the execution of your email marketing campaign, you must do your own research and study your audience. Follow the patterns of the top email marketing services to record and analyze the open time of the emails by different categories of audience. If you don’t find a similarity, study more and do an in-depth research. You’ll certainly be there!

  1. 3. Using The Suitable Templates and Subject Lines

Make sure that you don’t use old and stale email templates. Studies have shown that the email marketing campaigns driven by the old or humdrum email templates perform 30% poorer than the ones who do not follow a generic pattern.

So, while planning your emails, you can take the help of the best email marketing company providing updated business and startup solutions

Such professionals stay in touch with the latest trends and updates of the market and so, they can help you frame a much interactive email template that can be updated with time.

The other thing to be considered while framing the email is the subject line. It is recommended to keep the subject line of your email short and precise. As per a research it has been seen that the ideal length for a subject line is around 40 characters.

The emails with a subject line ranging between 40-70 characters have faced a constant rate of failure.

So, if you have a plan for growing a startup through the email marketing tactics, make sure that you use the latest email templates with short subject lines.

  1. 4. Keep Things Interesting and Rewarding

With an overload of emails crowding the inbox of your audience, no one has got the time for a boring or useless email. Also, no one wants to get bugged for no reason. They might just ignore your email or unsubscribe from it within moments.

So, how can you control it?

The experts delivering the top email marketing services believe that for an email campaign to be successful, there is a great need to keep things interesting.

You must generate curiosity among your audience about the message that you’re delivering so that they can respond and take the desired action.

For instance, if you have an e-commerce store dealing in apparels, you can keep the catchy subject lines of your emails related to the new arrivals, discounts, new offers, etc.

A number of companies delivering startup solutions follow this technique when it comes to email marketing.

Besides this, you can make the email rewarding for your audience like say, give them a pro tip in the beginning, so that they don’t feel the email was useless even if it fails to attract their attention.

With these 4 surefire tips, you can take your email marketing campaigns to the new heights. Remember that everyone is doing similar things in the digital market. But the ones doing it right and differently are the winners!

With the smart techniques applied to your email marketing campaign, you can surely hit it big in business!