4 Benefits of Building Web Application with Laravel and Vue.Js

The first step towards building a dynamic web application is choosing the right tech stack. If you want to create a perfect application, you should use the best front-end and back-end technology combination. It is because both client-end and server-end make your web application successful. A wrong choice for any end can affect the user experience of your application.

But with countless options in the market, it becomes daunting to make the right choice. After all, each technology has advantages and limitations. If you are looking for a secure, robust, and feature-rich web application, it is ideal to use Laravel with Vue.js. We have witnessed a surge among businesses to hire dedicated Laravel developers due to its excellent abilities and features.

Before we talk about the perks of building applications with Laravel and Vue.js, it is essential to know more about these frameworks.

  • Laravel

It is the most popular PHP framework in the web application development world. Created by Taylor Otwell in 2011, the framework comes with an elegant, expressive syntax. The primary motive of creating this framework was making tasks like security, routing, authentication, caching, and sessions easy and convenient. In addition to this, Laravel follows MVC (Model – View – Controller) architecture.

  • Vue.js

Like Laravel, Vue.js is also the most preferred framework for frontend development. Do you know on GitHub, Vue has more stars by developers than React.js and Angular? If we consider the number, Vue has got nearly 171k stars.

Created by Evan, this JavaScript-based framework helps in creating user interfaces and single-page applications.

  • Advantages of using Laravel and Vue.js for your web application development
  • Event-driven applications – Vue.js is known for building Event-driven apps. It means you can handle everything on the front end. It comes with Composable Components, making Vue the perfect combo with Laravel.

If you use Vue with Laravel, you can access data from the Laravel app with a few steps. Besides this, changing the UI is easy. All you need to do is switch components.

Laravel and Vue.js
  • Ultimate security – Security is one of the essential elements when choosing frontend and backend frameworks. The best thing about Laravel is it is a highly secure PHP framework. It has Eloquent ORM that prevents SQL injections with Cross-site Request Forgery Tokens. Hence, Laravel can ensure a high level of security to your application to prevent malicious attacks. It is a prominent reason most businesses hire Laravel developers in India.
  • Single Page applications Laravel and Vue.js is the best duo to build excellent Single Page applications. When it comes to these applications, they work within the browser without reloading the Full Page. It means there is no wait in loading the SPA application, which improves users’ experience.
  • Easy database migration – Database migration helps in easy management of team collaboration and DB issues. With Laravel migration, you can add or delete fields in your DB without removing the existing record. Also, you can create DB tables with ease without accessing DB managers, SQL lite, PHPMyAdmin, and many more. Hence, Laravel helps you save a lot of time.

The bottom line

Based on the above discussion, it is clear that Laravel, Vue-based web applications are the best. You can leverage various advantages of this duo and make your web application more secure, faster, and user-friendly. If you think this combination can meet your business goals and needs, Laravel and Vue.js who knows to work with Vue.Js.

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