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3 Technological Innovations You Must Embrace To Make Customers Happy

Customer happiness/satisfaction is the master key you need to unlock business success. Business owners get customer happiness/satisfaction only with the kind of experience they create for them. Most of the people in the world no longer like to take a long walk to offline stores for buying products they need. Instead, they now like to visit websites or use apps for this purpose. That exactly where you need a leading technology consulting firm that can be an asset you need to grow your business.

They have the wealth of experience, technology, tools and resources to help you create positive experience your customers expect. But this is definitely not enough for your business to survive industrial competition. You need to give up those old-fashioned marketing tricks and embrace two important things:

1) 21st century technological innovations

2) Innovative mediums of business marketing

That’s what all of the best technology consulting firms in the world advice businesses to.

Let’s see everything you need to embrace to make your customers happy for growing your business. Let’s see it below:

The Master Key to Customer Happiness for Business Growth:

Business growth depends on the number of organic customers your website attracts. They come through social media platforms or the search engine results. Such visitors convert into leads come back for repeat purchase only when they get positive experience from your website. Therefore, you can do a number of things for this purpose. For example:

1) You can make your website search engine friendly.

2) You can opt for mobile optimization of your website.

3) Give them high quality content that they want to consume.

4) You may also try to improve its UI/UX design and reduce its downtime.

Again, leading business startup solutions providers will call all these efforts of yours insufficient to make your customers happy for business growth.

So it is important for you to educate yourself about the new ways of making customers happy for business growth. Such as:


That’s right! You need to integrate this advance technology with your website and mobile application. As for reason, customers switch away from businesses that keep them waiting for answers to their queries. It is like making customers stand in long queues for many hours.

On the other hand, leading technology consulting firms advice you integrate Chatbots with your website and mobile application for a number of reasons. Such as:

1) Customers get happy because they get answers to most of the queries immediately.

2) Your customer retention and satisfaction rate goes up.

3) You can know your customers better.

4) The chances of lead conversion also increase.

5) Even the chances of repeat purchase by visitors coming to your website multiply.

All in all, chatbots are really a good way to keep your customers happy with your services and products. They answer most of their questions immediately and keep your resources free to let them work on other important issues your customers face.

Businesses that are using chatbots on Facebook, are witnessing increase in their follower base, customer base and ROI significantly.

The Guardian, Zee News, Tata Motors, Nissan and Royal Enfield are some of the best examples of it.

360 Degree Videos:

The best technology consulting firms advise to business owners. 360 degree videos are a good way to market business on social media platforms. A number of companies are using this innovation to make their customers happy.

Warner Bros, Expedia, BMW UK, Samsung, Oreo, Thomson Holidays etc. are some of the best examples of it. These companies are actually giving very positive and almost reality experience of their products/services to their customers.

So you need to realize the value 360 videos can add to your business. Your marketing events will get bigger and more successful and meaningful as they reach more people from all parts of the world. More importantly, your existing customers will be happy with your new products as they will be able to have 360 degree feel from the comfort of their residence.

All in all, 360 degree videos spread positive experience about your brand, products or services required to keep your customers happy.

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Voice Optimized Websites and Mobile Apps:

Voice optimization is the hottest search related trend on internet. In other words, optimize your website and mobile app for voice searches. This is why startup solution providers advise business owners get their website and mobile app optimized for voice based searches. They have solid reason for it. Such as:

1) People no longer like to type to search for products/services they need.

2) Voice optimized apps and websites now get preference by the search engines and appear on top of the result pages.

3) Voice optimized websites and apps get at least 18% extra leads on weekends.

4) Users can use lengthy search queries that are more meaningful and help them search products/services that matter for them.

5) More than 51% young adults and teens are already preferring voice optimized websites and apps.

All in all, it shows that voice optimized websites and apps attract more customers than the normal ones. More importantly, such websites and apps make them more happy as they need not type and can use their natural tone for searching about your business, products and services.

Concluding Lines:

Chatbots, 360 Degree videos and Voice optimized websites and mobile apps are technological innovations you need to embrace for making your customers happy.

Are you thinking about embracing these technologies? Great!

But you will need the assistance of the best technology consulting firm for this purpose.

We are only a call away!

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We help you use these technologies to the maximum to make your customers happy like never before!

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