3 Industries Ready to Reach Corporate Pinnacle With Facebook Paid Ads in 2018

What is your social media marketing strategy for 2018? Which social media platform are you going to find your target audience on? All experienced social media marketing strategist advice business owners to hire Facebook Advertising Experts. They are right!

But Why?

Internet is home to a plenty of popular social media websites. The list includes some big names like LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter etc.

But Facebook still rules the roost for the following reasons. They all offer advertising services to help market business. But these platforms are dedicated to only one particular type of audience. This really limits the reach of the advertisement of your business to a large extent.

  • On the other hand, Facebook is for everyone. That’s right! Facebook is home to every type audience from all parts of the world.
  • Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world with over 128 billion users. Facebook also gets more than 2 billion monthly active users. Therefore, hardly any business advertisement posted on Facebook goes unnoticed. The chances of lead generation from advertisements on Facebook multiply.
  • Paid business advertisements posted on Facebook generally appear in the timeline of users™ profile or in the right corner.
  • Millions of businesses from all parts of the world are already utilizing the potential of advertising on Facebook.
  • FB users love to watch FB videos. They consume content of more than 100 hours on FB through videos. Most of these videos are advertisements of businesses.

How to Use Social Media Marketing to Pay off Your Debts?

Many industries are already leveraging the potential of Facebook advertisements. Some of the best examples are:

  • Restaurant and Food Delivery Industry
  • Taxi Industry
  • Mobile Game Development Industry
  • Digital Payment Gateways

According to the Facebook marketing specialists in India, FB users don’t like to sign out of their messenger while chatting with someone who matters the most for them. They don’t even want to sign out of their Facebook account for taking food or to be ready to go to office. Instead, they want to do everything and use their Facebook account at the same time. This is why the largest social media platform in the world has added a number of features in its messenger for users.

For Example:

  • Order Food Feature
  • Food Ordering Chabot
  • Book a Ride (Taxi)
  • Games

Option for payment through messages in messenger (Currently not available for everyone)

All four industries listed above have witnessed significant growth through Facebook ads. But the potential of Facebook ads should not be limited to the industries mentioned above only.

According to the Facebook marketing experts in India, a lot more industries still need utilize the power of Facebook ads for business growth.

For Example:

Education Industry:

Everyone born in this world has every right to seek education. More importantly, everyone deserves to get quality education. Unfortunately, quality education is not everywhere. Geographical boundaries stop millions of students from seeking high quality education in the field of their choice. Not every is financially strong enough avail costly transportation facilities to reach the other part of the world for seeking quality education.

Moreover, the jobs of modern educators also now depend on the number of students they bring for the institutes they work for.

Taking this into consideration, Facebook has everything to be a platform that modern day students and educators need.

This is why educational institutes must think about it using Facebook ads. They must devise a distance learning program for students.

The presence of Voice call and Video calling feature in Facebook massager could be a big boon for students as well as the whole education industry as students and teachers will be able to collaborate on Facebook messenger video/voice call for discussions related to studies.

More importantly, FB and its messenger also has the option of payment for the students to pay for their education’s fee. Therefore, all education institutes throughout the world must think about hiring Facebook advertising experts. As for reason, their business will only grow with it.

Hotel Industry:

There is no dearth of travelers in this world. Almost 525,138, 503 people travelled to different parts of the world for different reasons in 1998, says a World Bank Report. This number reached the milestone of 885, 481,086 by 2008. This number scaled much bigger heights by 2015 and reached the milestone of 1.2. This number is only going up.

Coming back to the point, they all need a place to hide at night. They cannot find hotels or restaurants at their own. This is why they carry their electronics to find them. Most of them use social media websites like Facebook to find them.

Facebook is a digital home to most of them tourists. So Facebook marketing experts India see a lot of increase in the ROI and customer pool for Hotel industry with FB paid ads.

Healthcare Industry:

A number of business pages related to the healthcare industry have popped up on Facebook. Some healthcare companies or professionals are taking full benefit of Facebook paid ads. Some of the brands are as mentioned below:

  • United Health Group
  • Aetna
  • CureJoy
  • Patanjali

All of these healthcare brands are very popular among FB user. This is because they are using the services of Facebook marketing experts in India.

However, more than 90% healthcare brands all over the world still need to realize the value Facebook advertisements can add to their business.

The Numerous Benefits of Online Marketing for Business Success

Facts Speak!

Patanjali has more than 650 thousand followers on FB. Aetna has more than 80 thousand FB followers. United Health Group has more than 9 thousand followers on FB. Even CureJoy has millions of followers on Facebook from all parts of the world.

It means their Facebook ads reach them instantly. It means their followers get to know about their newly launched products immediate through Facebook ads. In such a scenario, you can easily imagine the number of new customers they are getting because of Facebook ads. You can also imagine the ROI they are generating with Facebook ads even if 30% of their followers buy their products on daily/weekly and monthly basis.

Final Words:

These industries need to pay attention towards the value Facebook paid ads can add to their business on digital front.

Are you also in one of the industries listed above?

Fine! Hire Facebook marketing experts in India and see your business scaling heights of growth with Facebook Paid Advertisements.

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